June 3, 2007

Spring... uh... cleaning?

by Chris Randall

So I'm renovating my little studio building, with the plan of eventually returning to my hut in the not-too-distant future. I've been inside our house now for a few months, and I vastly prefer it. Unfortunately my long-suffering wife would vastly prefer that I go somewhere far away. So, needs must, as they say...

In any event, in order to make the space air-tight (and thus less subject to the whims of environment) I need to _clean_ it first. Since I took out all the gear I need to work in something of a hurry, and I've just been using the building as a staging area for snowboarding, skateboarding, biking, and home improvement since, it is something of a disaster. So I spent the better part of today moving shit around.

The problem with that is that I keep finding fun things I forgot I had, stuff I bought at a yard sale or something, threw on the Pile, and promptly erased from the higher regions of my brain. This picture shows roughly 1% of what I'm dealing with. Everything in the photo with the exception of the little Vox amp, the guitar pedals, and the AudioMedia II card inside that IIci was purchased at a yard sale or thrift store. I've had no end of amusement today plugging various things in, fucking with TurboSynth, and generally getting nothing done.

(And before you ask, yes, I am _exactly_ the sort of person that would just happen to have a Mac II video -> VGA adapter just lying about in case I want to use an LCD monitor with an old Mac. I mean, you never know when that sort of thing would come in handy, right?)

But that's about the most ghetto picture I can put together of what could theoretically be described as studio equipment. I suppose I could find some old Marantz speakers to fill out the picture; what I really should have done was stack all my Realistic effects units on top of the Sears guitar amps. What's your most ghetto stuff? Photos if you've got 'em.



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Jun.03.2007 @ 6:19 PM
Porco Rosso
Ghetto stuff?

lets see now. Radio Shack Concertmate 500(casio sk1), crate bass amp, danelectro dm-10, danelectro hornet (single pickup), recent longhorn/dc-59, casio dh-100, a mini-omnichord...

Does a clavinet e-7 in perfect condition count? I picked it up from a pawn shop for $75 (and its missing the keyboard cover.)

What about a radiosohack mg-1 that I paid $37 for in a pawn shop?

a $99 sequential six track?

Oh yeah. And atari crap. Lots of atari crap. An ste, a tt30, notator key.

A couple of DSS-1's, and a radioshack stereo mic.

O wait, here in this pile. A mosrite ventures II that I paid $25 bucks for. It looks just like the one on the back of the B-52's first album. Perfect for playing Ramone's licks on too.

Oh yeah, and a peavey spectrum synth.


Jun.03.2007 @ 6:21 PM
What model Vox is that?

Jun.03.2007 @ 6:31 PM
Porco Rosso
I forgot about yamaha crap. Lets see, here's a DD-5 digital drumset, an RX-21 digital drum machine, a tg-33, a pawn-bought tx81z, and the piece de resistance--a first generation DJX keyboard.

Jun.03.2007 @ 6:49 PM
Aenemone Carbuncler
i think your IIci needs a NuVerb card!

Jun.03.2007 @ 7:26 PM
I have a Roland EF-303 effects unit that is still in brand-new mint condition and will likely stay that way forever. They say "you can't polish a turd" well Roland managed to put one in a shiny metal box.. close enough. Perfectly good audio goes in and hideous noise spews out. Price was free, which is about 50 bucks too much.

Jun.03.2007 @ 7:56 PM
For no good reason I just bought an 80's Roland Spirit 10 amp at a UK car boot sale for 5 quid. I figured it:

A. It would fit in my suitcase for the flight back to the US.
B. Its the perfect subject to gut and drop in a chip amp circuit I have that needs a home.
C. I could scare my friends with the monstrous plug on the power cord I cut off of it.


Jun.03.2007 @ 8:04 PM
penzoil washington
Having relocated to different continents and islands at different times, i've managed to shed most junk along the way, but I do revere certain junk and have kept it. Elka and Crumar synths, Roland electronic pianos (yes, plural), 2 Yamaha Electones, some oddball analog delays by Dynacord, a groovy Synare (the Sly Dunbar e-drum so often used in the early eighties),and the Hammond Extravoice which CR covets. I have one of those Vox Pathfinder amps, too, and it's the only little amp I've got that keyboards sound OK through. I've also got a Gibson Thor bass amp, Crate, Epiphone Galaxie, Squier amp, and the useful $35 battery-powered Fender Mini-Twin.

Jun.03.2007 @ 8:05 PM
penzoil washington
Is that an Eminee or a Magnus, CR?
They both blow (literally).

Jun.03.2007 @ 8:24 PM
I'd say Magnus. That was my first keyboard instrument ever. I like how the it has a built in rear facing lamp at the top so you can read your sheet music in the dark!

Jun.03.2007 @ 8:25 PM
Wade Alin
I have a Session 8/882 rig somewhere in this apartment, no clue where. Or I think I do, I haven't seen it in like 3 moves.

And I still have a Boss se-70 though I spent this afternoon finding out my convolution reverb was good for something after all, decent job of rebuilding the 1 effect I use in the Boss.



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