June 2, 2007

Around The Interwebs...

by Chris Randall

Just some fun things I've been sent or found during the week. First up is Stefan Goodchild's blog. He's got a couple projects (including a whopper of a MIDIbox) going, and has a really nice package of Plogue Bidule groups that he just put up. Go visit Here.

Next up, Sebatron have released two new products that will most likely rock my world. Nitrous is a FET comp, and Proxima is a single channel of the Cygnus class A pre, paired with a slightly less feature-laden version of the Nitrous FET comp. They are $890 each (really? Really really?) and I'm glad that Sebatron finally got in to solid state gear, as this whole t00b thing is mercifully dying out. Read about 'em here. I'm having a hard time coming up with a scenario in which either of these (or the Cygnus for that matter) _aren't_ a great deal.

And finally, check out this podcast, which is about as much Optigon as any single person could reasonably be expected to stand. Our friend Inverse Room has a piece, and there's some other stuff, all Optigon-centric. Optical disk lovers, unite!

Anything out there that is odd/fun/stupid/cool that you've not seen posted before? Do share...



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Jun.04.2007 @ 10:32 AM
disturbing that the sonicbytes website apparently never tells you what platform or hardware it runs on... I take it it's windows only? Really bizarre oversight.

Jun.04.2007 @ 2:35 PM
Yes, Windows only.

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