June 2, 2007

Around The Interwebs...

by Chris Randall

Just some fun things I've been sent or found during the week. First up is Stefan Goodchild's blog. He's got a couple projects (including a whopper of a MIDIbox) going, and has a really nice package of Plogue Bidule groups that he just put up. Go visit Here.

Next up, Sebatron have released two new products that will most likely rock my world. Nitrous is a FET comp, and Proxima is a single channel of the Cygnus class A pre, paired with a slightly less feature-laden version of the Nitrous FET comp. They are $890 each (really? Really really?) and I'm glad that Sebatron finally got in to solid state gear, as this whole t00b thing is mercifully dying out. Read about 'em here. I'm having a hard time coming up with a scenario in which either of these (or the Cygnus for that matter) _aren't_ a great deal.

And finally, check out this podcast, which is about as much Optigon as any single person could reasonably be expected to stand. Our friend Inverse Room has a piece, and there's some other stuff, all Optigon-centric. Optical disk lovers, unite!

Anything out there that is odd/fun/stupid/cool that you've not seen posted before? Do share...



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Jun.02.2007 @ 2:39 PM
F**k! A class A pre and a decent FET compressor for less then 1k ?!
Even behringer haven't managed to pull that one off.
Defiantly a bargain!
Hope people will rave about it.

Jun.02.2007 @ 9:27 PM
I just looked at the new sebatron stufff, and it looks really cool. The only question I have is why anyone would buy the nitrous. From a cursory inspection, it seems like the proxima has all the features of the nitrous, AND a pre for the same price. What am I missing here?

Jun.02.2007 @ 10:13 PM
The proxima is missing the sidechain highpass filter and the stereo link.

Jun.03.2007 @ 2:28 AM
He also says the design is based on,not identical.
I guess its somewhat of a cut down version using a more economical design.

Jun.03.2007 @ 4:02 AM
Chris Randall
I have to say, I've read all the materials I can find on these boxes, and without having heard them or seen an objective review, it seems like a _really_ good deal. I think I'm gonna call up Pro Audio Toys and see if I can't get a demo unit.



Jun.03.2007 @ 8:41 AM
Wasn't Bidule free for a while? I'm interested, but what sets it apart from the Jeskola Buzz Machine? Also, has anyone come across a program that does something similar to Ableton that's free or close to it?

Jun.03.2007 @ 10:12 AM
Early Bidule beta versions had adopted a similar license to what Audiomulch used, something like you are free to use any version for three months, but must wait for a new version for the free period to be renewed. But the Plogue guys have made it clear it was never intended to be free forever. They had an early adopter price for a while, not sure if they still do.

Bidule is a lot closer to something like Max/MSP in capability, if not design, rather than being like Buzz, as it is meant to be a modular signal processor with fairly low-level modules available and is not centred around the idea of sequencing (which it can do, just not as a priority like in a standard multitrack sequencer). Bidule can also run as a plugin in any host and is cross-platform (which may not matter to you, but I'm sure it's handy for cross-platform folk).

EnergyXT is pretty cheap, and it has a Live mode which works similarly to the Session View in Live. Probably not as easy to work with, as it takes a little bit to figure out how any of the Live mode works, but ultimately does similar things.


Jun.03.2007 @ 11:09 AM
penzoil washington
The sale priced vacuum tube pre's are a very good deal, and if you need ONLY one channel of pre+comp, the proxima is well-priced. The question is how good it sounds.

And, you can get Universal Audio or Langevin stuff used for just a few dollars more and enjoy using classics that will retain their value for a very long time. I was able to get a brand new Langevin DVC for $1400 which contains 2 channels of superb solid state amplification, 2 channels of optical compression identical to their $1800 stand alone unit, DI, and basic shelving EQ. I believe right now on ebay there's a UA 6176 for under $1600 and a 2 channel UA 2-1176 in the same bracket.

For me, a couple hundred bucks is real money, but worth it to use classic stuff which I can sell off if the need were ever to arise.


Jun.03.2007 @ 11:22 AM
I saw this recently : link [www.sonicbytes.co...]">link [www.sonicbytes.co...] , thought it would be useful for people using Plogue.

Jun.03.2007 @ 8:51 PM
OMG..Sebatron are just down the street from me...and I get a special discount for being a local...(well special-ish given the tumbling state of the US dollar...), I'm now REALLY interested to hear from anyone who has experience with these...

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