May 31, 2007

Dr. Device update and a little sound...

by Chris Randall

We've now got Dr. Device basically fully operational, and it's just a matter of tightening things up at this point. When I had put the movie up a couple weeks ago, the correct delay block (that is to say, the one from Dubstation) wasn't yet in the plugin. It is now, and everything is more or less working as we'd like. Here is an MP3 of the final working Dr. Device signal chain.

What you're hearing is thus:

2 Measures of MachineDrum by itself. (Any tertiary effects are coming out of the MachineDrum.)

4 Measures of same pattern through Dr. Device 4 pole lowpass filter, being modulated by the Kinetics.

4 Measures with the delay active. Left side is dotted 8ths, right side is 2x that. Mild regen.

So that should give you a fairly good idea of the general signal path of Dr. D. I'll put up something in a couple hours with all the filter modes demonstrated. First I have to work on full page ads for CM and FM.

EDIT: Here's another quick test of things. Same dry drum loop (more or less), followed by four different two-bar tastes of Dr. Device effects. Right now we're working on usability issues, and in order to do that, we have to learn how to use the plug-in. Hence, we spend the whole day fucking with it, then Adam and I discuss what needs to change, why, and how. Then we do it again. And again. And so on.



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May.31.2007 @ 2:18 PM

May.31.2007 @ 4:06 PM

when when when

oh and will it have the reverse switch from dubstation?


May.31.2007 @ 4:08 PM
Chris Randall
When? Not too long.

Reverse, loop, etc.? Nope. Sorry. This just has the same delay engine, so you can modulate the delay time if you want, but if you want that sort of looping/reverse trip, you're still going to need yourself a Dubstation.



May.31.2007 @ 5:33 PM
quite like the tonal qualities of the second samples ending. looking forward to it. thanks for sharing.

Jun.01.2007 @ 12:42 AM
I was hoping for Dr. Device to replace my Dubstation - but you are naturally doing the right thing (marketing wise) when leaving out the rev/loop parameters.
Anyway. Dr. Device will be in my shopping cart, and it will be interesting to see how the new way of handling MIDI controllers will work.

Jun.01.2007 @ 11:53 AM
Shopping Cart->Add->Check Out kerching. Thank you ;-)

Sounds like its going to be an interesting little plug-in. I look forward to buying it.



Jun.01.2007 @ 1:23 PM
penzoil washington
Ever give any thought to a vocal doubler effect? What's out there for non TDM systems, that isn't made by WAVES (who I won't buy from) is all so sad. I know it's not a sexy product but it's a staple.

Jun.01.2007 @ 1:44 PM
Chris Randall
Technically, Discord is quite good at ADT. That was what I originally had in mind when I talked Adam in to making it. (Since that's all I used the H910 for, and all I really wanted the original Discord to do.) While it can do all kinds of whacky shit now, due mostly to customer demands/requests, it is as good as ever at its original task.



Jun.01.2007 @ 6:51 PM
Penzoil, do you refuse to buy from Waves because they're from Israel and indirectly fund its army through taxation?

Jun.01.2007 @ 8:07 PM
Adam Schabtach
I A/Bed Discord against Waves Doubler when we were developing it, and in my opinion--and obviously I'm biased--Discord is at least as good for doubling effects. They're kind of different animals, obviously, but the nailing the doubling-via-micro-pitch-shifting really was one of the main design goals for Discord.

The Musicians Bundle with Doubler was the last Waves product I bought. Dunno about Penzoil, but I refuse to buy from Waves because they use PACE copy protection. I've had too many problems with PACE, and when the best that Waves' tech support could do to solve my latest PACE problem was to ask whether it was feasible for me to reformat my hard drive to solve the problem, I adopted a no-PACE policy. Unfortunately that rules out a number of good products, Waves included, but I'd rather find alternatives than support the user-hostile PACE machine.



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