May 29, 2007

Monk + Coltrane = My Brain Melting...

by Chris Randall

Okay, I heard about this new "Thelonious Monk Quartet w/ John Coltrane Live At Carnegie Hall" album a few months ago, but I've been putting off buying it. It took me a _long_ time to really get Monk, but now his angular piano playing is so good to me that I almost can't stand it. That descending run that starts out "Ruby, My Dear" just primes the pump, and it's basically all over when he plays the ascending chord progression in to the second half of the first chorus. So basically I'm just done for about 19 seconds in to that track. And John Coltrane, I mean, fuck. "My Favorite Things" is probably my single most favorite piece of music. I know it's clich?, but fuck it. That shit's good. That's how it became popular, right?

Anyways, I've been putting off buying this album because I was afraid my brain would melt when I listened to it. The CD is a couple years old, of a recently unearthed tape in the Library Of Congress. The shows which it documents are, like, Fuuuuuuuck. Have a close look at the poster above, and see what $2.00 could have got you in to in 1957.

But anyways, all I have to say is this: dear Baby Jesus, this record is fucking good.



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May.29.2007 @ 9:48 PM
penzoil washington
agreed. are you hip to sun ra?

May.29.2007 @ 10:16 PM
d wagenbach
I had pretty much the same reaction when I heard it. completely overwhelming

May.29.2007 @ 10:24 PM
2 of my favorite things also. monk's playing is so good. and the piano solo in the coltrane favorite things i have is just mind blowing.

May.29.2007 @ 10:30 PM
Chris Randall
That it is. The only thing annoying about that solo is that you have to crank it to hear it, and then when 'Trane comes back in, your head explodes because it's so loud. But damn...

As for Sun Ra, he doesn't do it for me, sorry.



May.29.2007 @ 11:27 PM
Aenemone Carbuncler
if you haven't already check out the dozen or so Andrew Hill Blue Note re-issues, and his last few current works. And of course, Monk and 'Trane...can't go wrong, i'll grab it! thanks

May.30.2007 @ 12:06 AM
Porco Rosso
When I was growing up in Utah, I had made friends with one of my English teachers in high-school. I was drawn to her wit, arch sophistication, and general disdain for the life of Zion.

Turns out Ms. Collins was married to Al "Jazzbo" Collins and thus got to hang with a lot of the Jazz greats back in the day when he was spinning records at WNEW. Quite the life for a pretty little Mormon gal from Salt Lake City. (She said she liked to keep the Flying Lady from their Rolls in her purse so it wouldn't get stolen when they were out clubbing in New York.)

Those were exactly the sort of concerts Ms. Collins was attending back in the day when she lived in New York, LA and San Francisco. (Hell, she even took her kids to see the Beatles at Candlestick Park.)

Shortly after she divorced she moved back to Utah and started teaching. She said the only thing she had to wear to her first teaching gig in Layton was a genuine Chanel Suit. Which is God damn funny if you have any idea what Layton Utah was like around 1966.)

She was probably the coolest mother ever.

Her son, Brad Collins, ran Raunch Records, which was THE punk rock store in Salt Lake City when I was growing up. Good times.


May.30.2007 @ 9:14 AM
I put that Monk disc in my amazon cart yesterday.....I'll be getting it shortly. Once I decide which DS game to get.

May.30.2007 @ 9:22 AM
penzoil washington
"As for Sun Ra, he doesn't do it for me, sorry."

40 years and 150 albums of stuff...I wonder which door you entered?


May.30.2007 @ 9:45 AM
Sonny Rollins:

link []">link []


May.30.2007 @ 10:07 AM
OK, this is where i might get in trouble: Sun Ra, 150 records, and they all sound pretty much the same to me. Not that I don't enjoy it, but it just seems that he found his one thing and just kept working it. I guess if you wear Egyptian headgear and declare that you're the child of Space Angels from Saturn no one will ever doubt you're a visionary; you only have to prove it once.

There's one record of piano solos I keep going back to, though.


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