May 28, 2007

It's that time again...

by Chris Randall

I've outgrown the "producer's desk" I made a couple years ago, and I'm of the opinion that there are many things I'm good at, but finish carpentry is not among them. That being the case, I'm going to purchase a new producer's desk, one that is expandable as needs must.

I'm thinking of either the Middle Atlantic system or the Raxxess system. They are essentially the same thing, but the Middle Atlantic ones seem to be LAN shit that has been a little bit reformated for music needs, while the Raxxess system is purpose built. Does any of my fair readers have experience with either of these desk systems? If so, what are the pros and cons of either one?



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May.28.2007 @ 3:35 PM
tom vx
raxxess is utter shit. you'd be better off going to target or something- particleboard and "wood" laminate.

for a couple extra bucks i'd get an argosy workstation...

you can always expand with racks and stuff later...


May.28.2007 @ 3:58 PM
Chris Randall
Well, yeah. But the problem with the Argosy system is that it isn't really movable. I can move the Middle Atlantic (or Raxxess) one without too much drama, but the Argosy one requires a complete disassembly to get through a normal door. If I owned a house and had a proper studio, this wouldn't be a problem, but I don't, so it is.

The money isn't really an issue. It's size and mobility that are at stake. (Of course, if I stopped buying shit like this, I could probably buy a house, and have custom built-ins, then everything would be hunky-dory.)



May.28.2007 @ 4:54 PM
Don't know if this helps, but I half made my workstation (and my woodworking skills are only moderate).

I bought a Quiklok mixer Z-stand, then custom made the top out of MDF to house my Mackie controls (master+expander), two flat panel displays and speakers and computer keyboard. I did a little trickery with some storage cubbies and transparent blue plastic surfaces (it was lying around!), but it was pretty simple. The only big secret is that you have to screw a 2x4 to the back/bottom for rigidity, otherwise the whole thing bends like VS on an Apex (how's that for a nerdy syynth reference?).

The cool part is that the black displays+Mackie controls look like one big piece of gear. Impresses the clients. Plus I don't look like all the geeks at G.C. who buy Omnirax, or whatever they're peddling!

I can send some pix if you'd like to see.



May.28.2007 @ 5:34 PM
I really wanted to go the Argosy route but space was a consideration. The build quality on the Raxxess stuff is inferior to that of the Middle Atlantic (in my opinion) but neither one is any great shakes considering what the charge for the stuff.

I went with Middle Atlantic stuff. I am not over the moon with the desk i am currently using but i really like their side racks with the overbridges. They are tough and stable. i have a DM3200 sitting on top of one. I don't assemble all mine into their suggested desk layout. I also have one of their rolling 24 space racks and i like that as well.

I don't know what the models are but i think they are still made.

If you are interested in seeing how much can be stuffed in/on this stuff there are pictures posted here.

link []">link []


May.28.2007 @ 5:56 PM
Hands down the best (read: most portable/affordable/build quaility/non-resonating/ergonomic with the best monitor positioning/sweet spot) producers desk I have ever owned is the KK Audio KD SDP1. They used to sell them at guitar center (sorry boutique shops), but I think they are no longer around. It might be worth your while looking around on craigslist for one. It is the biz. I only sold mine a while back to move out of the country(snif...), otherwise I would be typing this reply on it right now.

Otherwise, KK Audio might have some other, newer nuggets worth looking into (the Warner line looks pretty similar to the old KD series).

link []">link []

My 2?


May.28.2007 @ 6:22 PM
Chris Randall
Nice. I wasn't aware of them. (Actually, I have a feeling I _was_ but just forgot they were around. Too much information.)

I think that MDV-96 is just what the doctor ordered. Although, truthfully, I bet I can get a cabinet maker in Salem or Portland to do it for half that. I should look in to that.



May.28.2007 @ 6:44 PM
Wade Alin
here's one in Oklahoma that seems right in line with cabinet maker prices.

link [dashstudiofurnix.htm...]">link []



May.28.2007 @ 6:50 PM
I picked up the KK Audio KD SDP1 for $600 new at GC. Used ones must be cheaper than that by now (if you can find one). I just saw that the new KK lines are much pricier. Odd...

Good luck on your hunt CR,



May.28.2007 @ 10:19 PM
Have a look here:

link []">link []

The stuff is really solid and customizable


May.29.2007 @ 2:14 AM
Chris Randall
It may be solid and customizable, but their website is just creepy:

link []">link []

"Jeremy completes his music setup by using a Keyboard Table alongside a Console Unit. A 60" wide Keyboard Table in Black holds his keyboard and the Console?s curved design keeps his equipment within easy reach."

Jeremy needs a fuckin' pimp slap in short order, is all I'm saying. Diamond Dave and he are of a mind when it comes to gear. Although, it's cool to see someone playing a right-strung guitar lefty, like Jimmy Haslip or Doyle Bramhall II.



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