September 23, 2005

Hey, wanna see what fraud looks like?

by Chris Randall

Ebay has been alerted, and this will almost certainly be taken down, so get it while you can. This auction is some yahoo-address-having fraudster basically re-auctioning this beautiful Jupiter 8. Check the pics. The second auction, the real one, was won by a fellow in Brazil.

I have to be honest: I would never buy something like this on eBay. Maybe two or three years ago, but not now. I'm not going to buy a heirloom synth or piece of outboard unless the seller is a reputable and long-standing member of one of the several synth and audio lists and boards I belong to, or I can see it in person. It's just too easy to get duped by this shit, even if you're paying attention. I guess I'm lucky in as much as I've never been had on eBay, despite using it heavily pretty much since it started carrying things besides Beanie Babies. But I've definitely become more cautious in the last couple years.

UPDATE: As I surmised, the fraud auction was removed by eBay.




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