May 11, 2007

Dr. Device screenshot and info...

by Chris Randall

Since it was pointed out that it was difficult to make out the UI of Dr. Device in the little movie I posted yesterday, here's a proper screenshot. (Click 'er for bigger.) If I've done my half of the job correctly, it should be fairly obvious as to what Dr. Device is all about. The left side is a multi-mode filter, and the right is basically a stereo tapped version of Dubstation. Signal flow is Filter -> Delay.

Full MIDI control, as with all our products. The light grey control is pre-wired to respond to the MIDI messages from a Kaoss pad, but otherwise everything can be assigned in the method common to all our products. (And, of course, Logic users are SOL, because Apple still hasn't seen fit to allow MIDI to insert effects.)

In any event, we'll be happy to field any questions or comments concerning Dr. Device in this here thread.



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May.11.2007 @ 7:29 PM
I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but I can't figure out what controls the z parameter.

May.11.2007 @ 7:48 PM
professor ned
"I think the logo and GUI, as usual, are top notch. Really, this is f'in cool. I can't wait to set it up with my Novation ReMote X/Y pad."

...which should provide the necessary workaround for us Logic users to boot. Sweetness.



May.11.2007 @ 8:02 PM
Adam Schabtach
Z parameter is controlled by clicking the mouse on a puck, or by an incoming MIDI CC. Much fun can be had by assigning it to either of the Active buttons, e.g. the filter can be bypassed except when you click on one of the pucks, and you can use that same puck to control the filter freq and resonance.



May.11.2007 @ 9:04 PM
when when

May.11.2007 @ 9:17 PM
Adam Schabtach
I'm not even gonna hazard a guess as to "when when". There's still quite a lot of work to be done. Most of the major new coding is finished (that is, stuff we had to invent specifically for this plug-in, like the XY pad itself) but we're still far enough away from even the alpha stage that any forecast I might make now wouldn't be of any use to anyone.



May.12.2007 @ 12:27 AM
Looks great. I want it. Aesthetically, I appreciate the UI, but I would like it brighter, as it is hard to read the top. I really do care if it's pretty, but I still need to be able to see it in low light/drunk/bad eyes conditions. Just a suggestion.

May.12.2007 @ 12:27 AM
cool cool ;-)

i'll be ready with my moula


May.12.2007 @ 3:42 AM

May.12.2007 @ 4:04 AM
Zero One
What me worry about my LFO problem?i already got some other filter/delay plug-in that gives me a tonne of LFO's for wobbulaing stuff, so i say 10 out of 10 to Audio Damage for inovating with the X-Y puck pad combined with the Kinetics and recorder, great work!

May.12.2007 @ 5:21 AM
Bjorn Vayner
Apart from the delay and distortion controls..
Whats the difference between "dr. device" and "minion"?


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