May 10, 2007

The Broadband Revolution is upon us! (Now, where's my damned jet-pack...)

by Chris Randall

What I want to make is an MOV that instant starts, like this one from the fine folks at AudioEase. What I keep ending up with is this, which obviously downloads a fair-sized chunk of the MOV before it starts. WTF with that? Someone hook a brother up with settings and such.

That said, if you watch my movie (and not the Altiverb one) you'll get a not-insignificant preview of the nearly Fully Operational Battle Station that is Dr. Device. Questions and comments welcome.

EDIT: Well, I'm a little closer to the mark. I still can't get the little fucker to autoplay, but I've managed to make it a hell of a lot smaller, and that's something, anyways. Here 'tis. Note that it's gonna download entirely before it plays, about 8 megs worth, so there's a bit of a pause. I've done everything that should be done that I can tell.



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May.14.2007 @ 11:07 AM
Adam Schabtach
That's a possibility, yeah, but off the top of my head it doesn't sound any easier than adding a new MIDI-mapping system to an old plug-in, for several reasons: 1) plug-ins don't handle preset files directly--this is done by the plug-in host; 2) since I'm going to do it differently for Dr. D (and all future plug-ins) anyway, it would be more work to add this autoloading mechanism than it would be to retrofit the new scheme into old plug-ins; 3) monkeying with the usual behavior of preset loading is a path fraught with peril because different hosts do it differently and users don't like to be surprised by changes in that behavior. Nobody likes to have to remember that out of the N plug-ins on their system, a few Think Different.



May.14.2007 @ 1:40 PM
Ah! There I gave away my skunk-like programming metods. But I may be forgiven. 15 years ago. Atari. I assume this is the reason why many developers actually rely on their own preset systems. Any way... look forward to DrD - I can't say I would need a plug like that - but will get it anyway. Your plugs have a quite a way of getting themselves useful.

May.14.2007 @ 9:31 PM
Adam Schabtach
I have no idea why other developers write their own preset mechanisms. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."



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