May 8, 2007

You know what drives me bananas?

by Chris Randall

These little context push ads are really fucking annoying. I can see where they might Increase Shareholder value on a site that's about a more general topic, but when you're looking at a press release for a digital microphone interface (that is, a mic pre for digital mics) chances are you're on a hunt for very specific information, and something like the above link is roughly as important to your daily existence as, say, a link to a hairless cat breeder, and the only way it's gonna get clicked is on accident.

(Now, don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with hairless cats. I'm all for 'em, and wouldn't mind having one myself.)

So, that being the case, these ads can't _possibly_ make the site (in this case Harmony Central) any amount of money that makes them worth the bother, and they make the user (in this case me) so aggro that he may stop visiting the site at all. So, word to the wise, meta-site operators: these ads are a Bad Idea. Surely an imaginative person could figure out a way to monetize their site that didn't involve annoying the readers to no end, right?



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May.08.2007 @ 7:08 PM
Jeff C
Chris -

If you're using Firefox, try this:

link []">link []

I hate 'em, too, FWIW.

- Jeff


May.08.2007 @ 7:38 PM
My personal favorite is when a Windows looking dialog pops up on my Mac telling me I have a registry problem. I always think to myself "Oh, no, I don't even have a registry"....

On another note, I'm not sure what a "Digital Mic" is. If that's the same product that I've read the specs on, it is a digitally controlled pre for analog mics. It also adds the convenience of supporting most of the popular digital formats straight off the pre without having to feed into another converter.

And thirdly, I'd prefer one of those bengal-house cat hybrids that are going around these days.


May.08.2007 @ 7:50 PM
For the record, yes I was wrong about this product... Next time I'll read the text behind the annoying pop-up before commenting.

May.08.2007 @ 10:27 PM
Adam Schabtach
My question is: are people finding new, even more annoying mechanisms for web advertising because web advertising generates revenue; or are people finding new, even more annoying mechanisms for web advertising because web advertising doesn't generate revenue but it's been hyped so hard that people aren't able to give up on it?



May.09.2007 @ 1:46 AM
I don't visit sites that have that. Sonic state does the same thing. I pretty much avoid that place like the plague. Well, its because of the context adds and the whimsical videos they make with jerks that are trying to seem ironic and edgy.

May.09.2007 @ 2:44 AM
i hate those pop ups almost as much as i hate that smiley advert on myspace which spouts forth debilitating sounds of a smiley in pain as soon as your mouse hovers over the banner.
Another recent one, just as bad if not worse: a car advert which instantly starts playing back a publicity video as soon as the mouse comes anywhere near it!! In order to click on something across the page, you now have to take a detour around this fucking cheap window unless you don't mind a quick blast of car commercial...

These sites really suck when you have headphones on, and the volume is turned up cos you were so into that last track you've just been working on.

Would be neat to have a browser which can blacklist these kinds od sites!


May.09.2007 @ 6:41 AM
What exacly is a digital microphone? I didnt notice anything out there,by googling i was able to read about this new technology of making microphones for cheap using this newly developed microchip.

Do the new neumann mics with built in DA classify as digital mics?


May.09.2007 @ 7:07 AM
its got to the point where I surf with flash, java and javascript off as well as blocking banners. whatever happened to the promise of targeted advertising? the google overlords must have profiled me well enough to try and sell me something I actually want, but all I get is annoyed.

May.09.2007 @ 7:09 AM
Indeed, firefox is the way around most of these things. The no script plugin usually squashes all sorts of crap; just be sure and configure it to allow "top level" domains so that you still grab the important scripts that a site is built on still work but toss anything that comes from a 3rd party referrer.

But, yeah, these sorts of "push" ads are ridiculous and I do wonder who, besides the domain host, is making any money. Perhaps it's the same principle that advertisers have told themselves for decades to justify spending heaps of money without immediate monetary reward: the point is merely to create brand awareness.


May.09.2007 @ 10:30 AM
Chris Randall
I don't care for the Firefox ad squisher plugin because, as was mentioned, it harshes a lot of sites that don't deserve it. I don't actually surf very much outside of the normal pages I read, and I'd much rather the companies responsible for those pages were aware that I'm unhappy instead; otherwise it's just like painting over termite holes in your house so you don't see 'em.

As for the digital mic interface, here is the big picture:

link []">link []

I assume that will provide some insight in to what it does. It is meant to act as a level control and digital phantom source for mics that have AES-42 outputs, like this one:

link []">link []



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