April 23, 2007

Dubstation Update...

by Chris Randall

We just swapped out the installers in the Audio Damage store for Dubstation, which we have just updated to 1.2 (VST) and 1.2.1 (AU). Changes are as follows:

1. Dubstation now works at all sampling rates, up to 192kHz. There was a problem with RAM allocation that made long delay times at higher sampling rates work oddly. This has been fixed, and Dubstation now works (and sounds) exactly the same at any sampling rate.

2. Automation bugs with AudioUnits fixed. Users of Logic and Digital Performer were experiencing some troubles with automation. This has all been addressed, and AU automation should be fully operational now.

3. On OSX machines, some users would experience trouble with the installation, where the installer wouldn't put the plugins in the correct location. This has been fixed.

So, if you own yourself a Dubstation, log in to your account at the Audio Damage store, view the pertinent transaction, and re-download the installer. Existing projects shouldn't be affected by this update.




Apr.23.2007 @ 7:46 PM

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Apr.24.2007 @ 3:58 AM
lovely, thankyou

we loves our dubstationses

where's the new plugin?! cant wait! ;-)


Apr.24.2007 @ 5:10 AM
thanks! i'd love to see the dubstation GUI evolve into the newer 'flat' style like reverence, discord2, etc. I've always found the perspective view a neat idea, but somehow distracting. hmm...

the sound rocks, which is what really counts!


Apr.24.2007 @ 8:52 AM
Me too at first. But you get used to it. And then you start to actually like it. Aaa... they are brainwashing our subconcious minds!

Apr.24.2007 @ 4:36 PM
Nice. Thanks Chris and Adam!

Any chance of a future DubStation version with a HI CUT added alongside the LO CUT? I know the concept is to keep it simple but that's a feature I'd love to have.

And as long as I'm wishing, how about a rudimentary modulation rig for the delay time? At minimum this could be a single sin wave LFO with adjustments for rate and depth...but even cooler would be a second LFO with selectable waveforms plus rate and depth. To inject a bit of subtle randomness, nice chorusey effects, or even total insantiy.

I know I can get these effects with Ronin (I often do), but I personally would love to have those extra features added to a simpler box like DubStation.

Or maybe the new plugin will satisfy this desire...?



Apr.24.2007 @ 5:16 PM
Chris Randall
The new plugin will satisfy that desire, and then some.





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