April 17, 2007

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams #3

by Chris Randall

Now, this one, unlike the two I put up before, would actually have been a viable product. I was pulling for a bundle called "Konsole," of console equalizers based upon the German 60s/70s cartridges you know and love. This is, again, only a mock-up; you can tell from the darkness of the rendering that I hadn't even really worked on the lighting yet before I stopped.

Why didn't we do this? That's a good question, and I don't really have a concise answer. Mainly, the costs associated with obtaining several different cartridge EQs to clone, plus the time cloning them, plus the fact that there is one company (URS) that really excels at this sort of thing and we didn't think we could do it better, plus the results, due to the time and expense, wouldn't fit in our normal pricing model.

So, the above image (click for the full size) is as far as we got; that's the UI for the Neumann PEV clone, which was the only cartridge I had at the time the idea was floated. So it's more of a proof-of-concept than an actual "okay we're gonna do this," then stoppage.




Apr.17.2007 @ 1:22 PM
Since most of your products are aimed at musicians/creative purposes, does this idea suggest that you guys might like to make some recording/mixing utilities some day?

Apr.17.2007 @ 2:31 PM
Chris Randall
We have thought about it. Assuming you mean stuff like input strips and compressors and the like. However, our strengths lie in reverb, delay, and that sort of thing, and we're man enough to admit it. A good EQ or compressor involves Black Arts that we're not privy to. Our Magic Smoke is mostly slanted to the delay family, although we've made an absolutely SMOKING 4 pole lowpass for Dr. Device that isn't based on anything in particular, but rather tuned by ear for maximum enjoyment and usefulness.

So, if that's possible, perhaps an EQ or comp is possible as well. But I don't think we'll be cloning anything; if we _do_ try to pull an input strip off, it'll be based upon our own purposes.

Unless you're talking about, say, a DAW or something. That's never going to happen. Too much trouble.



Apr.17.2007 @ 2:34 PM
Adam Schabtach
Um... if by "some recording/mixing utilities" you mean plug-ins like EQs, compressors, limiters, etc. the answer boils down to the issues that Chris already mentioned. There are lots of good EQ plug-ins out there already, so it would be difficult for us to successfully market an EQ that was sufficiently superior to the EQs available in most DAWs that people would want to pay for it. In order to create a sufficiently superior EQ we'd have to invest a lot of R&D time and expense, and that means we'd have to charge a fair amount for such a thing. The same story is true--maybe even more so--for dynamics processors.

Or, to put it in a different way: we build products that we think implement ideas that are interesting enough that people will want to buy them from us. So far we haven't had any ideas for EQs that appear to fall into this category.



Apr.17.2007 @ 3:03 PM
Yeah, I meant EQs, dynamics processors and the like. Wasn't sure how else to distinguish them from things like a delay or a phaser.

EQs are a tough market, I'm amazed that new ones appear on a regular basis, since there are so many already, and several that are really excellent.

I always have a nagging feeling that there aren't enough dynamics processors aimed at creative applications, stuff that'll turn sounds inside out or heavily add colour. I can think of a few, things like Kjaerhus's GAC, buzzroom's CL series or Magix' AM-Pulse, but even they seem to be playing it straight for the most part (or don't quite deliver on their promise). Might all just be my imaginings though.


Apr.17.2007 @ 3:31 PM
Dats a fly UI



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