April 15, 2007

Am I retarded?

by Chris Randall

Due to a customer question, I was poking around Logic today trying to figure out how to send MIDI to an insert. (Basically, the dude wants to use the midi-to-pitch feature of Discord 2 in Logic 7.) Back in the bad old VST days of Logic 5, in order to facilitate this sort of thing, you would put the MIDI-aware effect as the input on an instrument track, and send audio from the appropriate audio track to its sidechain input.

I was thinking that CAN'T POSSIBLY still be the case, what with the Magic Of AudioUnits and Thinking Differently and all that type of stuff. Can it? Is there still no way to send MIDI to an insert in Logic? Or am I, in actual fact, retarded?



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Apr.16.2007 @ 7:20 PM
Exactly. That is hyperdata, or more correctly the subset of hyperdata known as Object Based Automation (OBA). Viewing the plugin in 'edit' mode instead of the gui just shows you what values are assigned to each parameter **by Logic** (not in the plugin itself as Chris makes clear above). The audio object itself is channel 1 (CC7=vol and so on) and then each insert is an additional channel.

Try sending a note value to that plugin, and you'll discover why there are people here complaining.

Personally there are times when I find Hyperdata/OBA useful although rarely with plugins since you can quite easily convert between OBA & TBA (Logic's vst style automation) using a transformer or a fader object. Imo the easiest thing for ApplEmagic to do would be to add an extra parameter in the object properties that would enable/disable OBA for that audio object. Disabling by default would probably even be the best choice so that newer users don't have to complain about digging to find it.


Apr.17.2007 @ 11:56 AM
Ahhh, thanks for clarifying that you just wanted MIDI data-as-is to go to your insert. The first thing I thought of when Chris responded was to use a transformer but I understand what you guys are after now.

I do wish the environment were more robust. There are so many little things (like the difficulty of sending a note-on without an immediate note-off). It a shame to have such incredible possibility in a DAW and have it so limited. I'm worried that the next incarnation of Logic might even remove it all together.

Apple seems to dislike anything with a flow chart style layout. It took forever to get into DVD Studio Pro after we last it in their ye olde Media Tool.



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