April 4, 2007

TC Nova delay...

by Chris Randall

This got lost in the shuffle of all the Messe announcements, at least as far as I was concerned. This is the Nova delay pedal from TC. According to the available liturature, it has features cribbed from what is, in my oh-so-humble opinion, the best digital delay unit of all time, the 2290. (I would still like to have one of these, and as soon as I see one that isn't prohibitively expensive, it's coming home with me.)

This, like at least one of the other new TC pedals, is obviously direct competition for the Eventide Timeworks pedal. I have to admit that it gave me some food for thought, even though I've already decided to purchase a Timeworks as soon as they are available. No MIDI, unlike the Timeworks, and that's a bit of a drag, but it has a crafty method for beat-syncing delays which some people (people who, unlike me, haven't memorized bpm to ms charts; in other words, people with a life) may find quite useful.

Don't know what it costs yet, but judging from the feature set, and the price of its companions, I believe it will come in under the Timeworks by a significant margin. I have to say that my heart still belongs to Eventide, who can do no wrong in my book. It's a good time to be a fan of delays, though, I'll say that much.



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Apr.04.2007 @ 9:39 PM
That does look excellent. Their new vocalist pedals they showed at Messe struck me as a cool idea, too.

I'm a bit surprised that Eventide hasn't started shipping yet. Anyone I had asked seemed optimistic that mid-March would be it.


Apr.04.2007 @ 10:29 PM
Chris Randall
Someone who would definitely know told me they were pushed back to late April/early May. So I'm not sweating it. I mean, I have an Eclipse, and the pedal is just the best delay patches from the Eclipse, so it's not like I'm missing anything besides immediacy.



Apr.04.2007 @ 11:06 PM
This does look sweet. I could use a nice delay pedal. I've also got a call into to Santa for one'a 'dem 2290s.

Apr.05.2007 @ 12:08 AM
I hate to be the one to break it to ya, but there is no Santa. Your father and I have been lying to you for your entire life. I know it's hard, but we just wanted to prepare you for the disappointment of grown-up life. Anywayz....

Hey Chris congrats on some more great press on AD. I didn't see it mentioned by anyone, but Replicant got a great review in this last issue of TapeOp. I guess you must already know. But a big pat on the back to you anyway.


Apr.05.2007 @ 12:15 AM
Is there some reason for the explosion of very high quality, affordable, effects pedals coming out lately? Did the price of DSP chips fall or something?

Apr.05.2007 @ 12:36 AM
Looks very good.

Apr.05.2007 @ 12:56 AM
What made 2290 famous was the "Dynamic Delay" algorithm which is included in pretty much all of the recent TC FX processors and it's funny how none of the FX boxes made by TC sound even close to the good old 2290...

I'm assuming Nova Delay is going to sound just like its brothers and sisters. I'd rather spend a bit more and go with the TimeFactor instead.

BTW, list price on Nova Delay is 249 euros.


Apr.05.2007 @ 2:23 AM
It's also funny (NOT) in a peculiar way that TC hasn't managed to port any of their delay stuff over to their own PowerCore platform.
Though I think I'll go for the Eventide pedals, I think it'll have some nice extra's coming once they managed to get it out the factory door.

Apr.05.2007 @ 4:26 AM
Adam Schabtach
[Greetings from Japan, everyone]

I believe that part of what made the original 2290 unique was its analog-to-digital encoding scheme, which was not the PCM technique used by virtually all digital effects processors before and since. In other words, it may sound different not only because of its Dynamic Delay ducking algorithm but also because it processes audio in a fundamentally different way than just about everything else. Obviously I don't know whether or not the same scheme is used in this new descendant.



Apr.05.2007 @ 5:57 AM
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