April 1, 2007


by Chris Randall

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Apr.01.2007 @ 7:26 PM
6 hours later....

link [www.youtube.com]">link [www.youtube.com]


Apr.01.2007 @ 8:36 PM
It's one thing to do this to yourself... in a moment of rock-star bravado. It's something entirely different to have a noise-head-rock-star do this to your gear during their set. I swore off of noise performances after a tiny-dick little man from Laundryroom Squelchers tossed my gear across the room.

Man... bad memory. Survival Unit sounds like a band I would have shared billing with back then. I can't tell if he's about to Seig Heil, or break out some gangsta hand-signs.


Apr.01.2007 @ 9:44 PM
I feel a little bit guilty. I mean, I am sure those guys are nice guys, and don't deserve to have their equipment ruined from a nasty fall... but the begining of their act had such high levels of suck, and the "hardcore" hand motions were so anoying, the evil me in the back of my skull finds it pretty entertaining.

Apr.02.2007 @ 12:22 AM
I hope they learned their lesson--only one drink or less per set!

Apr.02.2007 @ 12:32 AM
was it a shitty person....or shitty table? It kinda looked like one of the legs collapsed or was really close to the edge.
I test all tables that will holding my gear by body slamming them, and then asking them afterwards if they are into trance.

Apr.02.2007 @ 9:49 AM
one drink or less per set?!? Do you play in a string quartet ? A baroque chamber orchestra, perhaps? Not that there's anything wrong with that or anything, but that one drink or less per set is hardly a universal rule. I once saw a friend of mine get up on stage with a world class Irish trad band that was playing at his bar and play a few tunes with them after at least a dozen pints, and he played flawlessly. I only realized later that the band was tuned to e flat, which means that he was transposing all the tunes a half step up on the fly. That might be easy to do on a guitar, but he was playing a button accordion, where each key plays a different note on the push and the draw, so I have to imagine that transposing like that was far harder than it would be on any stringed instrument.

Apr.02.2007 @ 11:34 AM
that happened to one of my 1200's which was on a ping pong table. still works ;)

Apr.02.2007 @ 11:38 AM
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