March 27, 2007

This Amon Tobin record...

by Chris Randall

So I got the new issue of Remix in the mail the other day, and there's a story about the recording of Amon Tobin's "Foley Room" album, and it piqued my interest enough to go buy the album. (It should be noted that, eclectic tastes aside, I'm usually a latecomer to the "latest and greatest" electronic acts, simply not having enough time in the day to sift through all the dreck to find the diamonds.)

Whether you like the whole slice-n-dice thing or not, this record sounds fantastic. He mixed in Cubase, but summed with an Apogee DA16/Chandler Mini Mixer rig, through a Manley Massive Passive. The difference in sound quality between this record and another of its ilk done totally ITB (I'll use Forss' excellent "Soulhack" as example) is quite vast. The analog processing really knocks the edges off the inherently digital nature of this sort of music. Anyone that doesn't think there's any difference between mixing ITB and using a system like this is quite simply deaf, plain and simple.

In any event, this is a fucking phenomenal mix job for an electronic album; very pleasant and non-fatiguing to listen to. Two thumbs up.



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Apr.02.2007 @ 1:14 PM
Wouldn't sending your 4 stereo stems out each stereo at a time into an API, NEVE, SSL, whatever stereo device.. give you a "nicer" overal sound (and the same as an 8 track summer) ?
The 8 track summers are just more channels and more work done at the same time.
Or is the actual summing in analog the key ? Instead of the channel drive thru colouring ?

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