March 20, 2007

Dumpster Diving...

by Chris Randall

You know the stories you always hear about the guy that found the perfect condition Aries modular in his friend's closet? This is one of them. pronobozo sent me a picture of this honker which came to his possession in just such a manner. What that white thing on top is anyone's guess. Perhaps pronobozo will enlighten us. Clickies for much, much bigger.

So, what's your best garage sale find? I haven't had a spectacular one, truthfully. I did buy a 303 off of a fucktard in one of our opening bands for $150, then the very next day took it to Rogue Music and sold it to them for $1000 cash. (They no doubt sold it to some Japanese uber-analog otaku for twice that the following day.) But I don't think that really counts because I didn't actually keep the gear. If I had bought the 303 for $150 and kept it, it would probably qualify.



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Mar.22.2007 @ 4:24 PM
penzoil washington
I got my SRE-555 chorus echo from a PA company for $80, but I've spent $300 on repairs over the years... does it still qualify?

Mar.22.2007 @ 5:13 PM
Adam Schabtach
This is bringing back memories... I did once tell some college kid trying to sell a beat-up 808 for like $40 that he could do a helluva lot better by selling it online. This was in the pre-eBay days.

I have two rackmount MXR flanger/doublers, which I bought before they were "vintage". I paid $35 and $55 for them, I think.

I have a CR-78, near mint, with Anvil case, instruction manual, and glossy dealer sheets. I paid $69 for it. A friend scored the programming gizmo for it some time later for $15.

I have a LinnDrum that I got on eBay for $150. A week later I met Roger Linn in person at AES. He thought it was hilarious.

Regrets? I passed up a 909 in a second-hand shop for $179. I passed up an Eventide Instant Flanger in the same shop for some other ridiculously low price. I bought the one-VCO monosynth that's part of that odd Roland quasi-modular system at a yard sale for $25 (I think) and gave it away because it didn't really jazz me at the time.

I never should've sold the 808, even for the tidy profit I made.



Mar.23.2007 @ 10:59 AM
Regrets? I can still picture the Turnkey ads (big London music shop) clearing out 303s for ?39 in '86...

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