March 20, 2007

Dumpster Diving...

by Chris Randall

You know the stories you always hear about the guy that found the perfect condition Aries modular in his friend's closet? This is one of them. pronobozo sent me a picture of this honker which came to his possession in just such a manner. What that white thing on top is anyone's guess. Perhaps pronobozo will enlighten us. Clickies for much, much bigger.

So, what's your best garage sale find? I haven't had a spectacular one, truthfully. I did buy a 303 off of a fucktard in one of our opening bands for $150, then the very next day took it to Rogue Music and sold it to them for $1000 cash. (They no doubt sold it to some Japanese uber-analog otaku for twice that the following day.) But I don't think that really counts because I didn't actually keep the gear. If I had bought the 303 for $150 and kept it, it would probably qualify.



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Mar.21.2007 @ 10:51 AM
Chris Randall
I actually agree with Rex. Unless the person is a complete choad, or a business with ill repute (as in the pawn shop example) I would inform the person of what they were doing. While I'm as atheist as they come, I'm ironically quite superstitious (aren't all musicians?) and a big believer in what goes around comes around.

Now, that said, if I came across a Prophet 5 at a yard sale for $50, well, I might be willing to accept the "comes around" part.



Mar.21.2007 @ 10:57 AM
Adam Schabtach
I found a near-mint 808 in a yard sale for $100.



Mar.21.2007 @ 11:02 AM
I bought a Yamaha cs20m for 50$ at a yard sale last year, i later sold it for over 600$. I did'nt feel bad at all,it helped the old drunk rocker pay his rent. Some people, like him, don't have the knowledge required to go and sell gear to gearheads at higher prices. That synth most likely would'nt of sold at all otherwise.

Mar.21.2007 @ 11:37 AM
air king sound
I've had 3 lucky keyboard finds in San Francisco, all of which I've kept and use to this day:

1) A "broken" optigan in Taos which came with 24 discs for $75! The problem turned out to be a blown fuse, which had to be soldered on. Took an hour to fix, and that included driving to Radio Shack to get the replacement fuse.

2) A wurlitzer 100 electric piano (the old heavy ones) for $6 at a garage sale from a dude who seemed desperate to get ANY cash at all for it. (My high lasted much longer than his.)

3) A wurlitzer 200a electric piano for $50 at another garage sale.

And if anyone is into electric organs, they are pretty much for the taking on craigslist these days, as long as you've got space to store em. Kimballs and Lowreys from the late 70's and 80s, in particular, are fantastic.



Mar.21.2007 @ 12:34 PM
My aunt was going to throw out her '69 Gibson Hummingbird because she lost all the bridge pegs and didn't want to go through the "trouble" of replacing them in order to sell it. Now normally this would be one of those situations like Rex was talking about, but things are kind of weird with that side of the family. In the end I got the guitar in exchange for keeping quiet about some stuff she didn't want my folks to find out about.

Mar.21.2007 @ 12:37 PM
on the subject of choadiness,
the first ms20 I got was when I saw some guys filling a dumpster with old furniture, they were clearing out an old flat (apartment) I saw the ms20 being carried towards it and made my move, the gleam in my eye made it cost ?30

the second one of my bandmate's fiend was kind of strange, the guy just didn't seem to care that it was worth money. "not to me" he said " if you can use it thats fine". Sort of odd, but there you go. He gave us the first ms10 too, I think.

bear in mind that an ms20 in 1992 was not as prized as it would be today. In 1992 it was still considered a 'thin' and cheap analogue synth, like a semi-modular wasp. It wasn't thought of as 'proper' like a Moog or Arp.


Mar.21.2007 @ 12:51 PM
A few years I bought an EDP Wasp for ?40 from a car boot sale....broke down a few weeks later and cost me exactly the same to have it repaired...still a bargain methinks.

Mar.21.2007 @ 1:42 PM
It's almost depressing thinking about the number of wonderful, functional instruments (not just synths) that end up in junkyards...

I got a Korg DDD-1 for $25, and a Rane compressor for free when my boss was cleaning out the studio.


Mar.21.2007 @ 2:11 PM
I got in an argument with a woman after making an offer for her Lowrey (a really nice one). Yeah I totally lowballed her... but thats business. What a bad scene that was.

Mar.21.2007 @ 2:16 PM
How's this...

I bought a whiteface Odyssey from Rumbo Recorders (studio of Daryl Dragon, aka the Captain in Captain and Tennile) for $100 sometime around '94. It played pretty bad... keyboard trigger weirdness, and I wasn't hip to the very easy procedure of cleaning the bus bar in a J-wire keyboard with a Q-tip and alcohol. Doh. So I had it for a while, then sold it for $350, and thought I made a killing. Doh again. What's even worse is that Rumbo had SIX FRICKIN' Odysseys at the time for $100 a pop. I should've bought all of those fuckers!

Around the same time, a friend of mine found me a Roland VP-330 vocoder/strings for $230 from a pawnshop in Florida. I bought it and owned it for a long time, 'til some guy offered me $1000 in cash for it (and I really wanted a Nord Lead!), so I took it. Now you can buy Nord Lead 1's for probably $400 and that damn vocoder is worth bank.

I recently bought my Prophet-5 off Craigslist L.A. for $1000... that's not super cheap, and it needed a little TLC, but for about $100 in additional parts from Wine Country and some of my time tweaking, it's basically mint, and some poor bastard would probably pay $1800 for it on the 'bay. Not that it's for sale, like ever!!!

And finally, my score of all scores about 15 years back: my then band used to rehearse in a guy's basement, and one of the hangers-on had a Pro-One that ended up there (he wasn't really a musician)... I asked him what he would sell it for... "$35" said he. And that's how I scored a Pro-One for $35... it was missing a fuseholder. BTW, I also sold that for somewhere around $300... and thought I was making a killing!

I should've kept ALL OF THIS SHIT!!!!!



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