September 21, 2005

Utterly pointless waste of time...

by Chris Randall

...which makes it banner headlines here at Analog Industries! This site has a rather extensive list of quite a few home and toy keyboards, and how their sound is generated. Handy to know which of these is "analog," and which is "digital," so when people come over to your studio and see a stack of Casio MT-30s, you can justify their existence, using the following phrase:

"These instruments synthesize their main voice from 2 layered multipulse squarewaves with different digital envelopes followed by simple analogue filters. (Casio called this principle Consonant- Vowel synthesis.) The results can be very different from average videogame squarewave sounds and permit high quality timbres."

Just more fuel for the analog/digital wars. The list is kind of Euro-centric, but should still be printed out for crib notes when you're making the rounds of Goodwills and Salvation Army stores (or whatever the analog is in Europe) for circuit-bending fodder.


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Sep.21.2005 @ 2:30 PM
D' MacKinnon
Someone is actually proud of owning a Casio?



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