March 5, 2007

Open Thread...

by Chris Randall

Sorry for the lack of posting. There are a number of reasons. In no particular order:

1. Absolutely nothing interesting has happened in the audio world that I can make out.

2. I sprained my ankle last Thursday, and I've just been lying about all weekend.

3. We're mostly caught up in developing Dr. Device; mainly this involves building filter models at this point. I think we've got a fairly musical selection of filters going here now; some touching up to do but we're almost there. The main breakthrough was coming up with a 4PLP ("Moog" filter) that self-oscillated, and who's self-oscillation didn't sound like a swarm of West Nile Virus-carrying mosquitoes. Adam managed to turn my vague comments (e.g. "this filter would be my friend if it didn't buzz so fucking much") in to a pretty damned good LPF, I think.

In any case, Open Thread. What's on your mind?



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Mar.06.2007 @ 2:15 AM
i have found a Ursa Major Space Station SST-282 ... not so sure if i really need it ... but u know ... i like it ... i am scanning the blog-universe to find more feedback or views ...

Mar.06.2007 @ 3:27 AM
dan s
Something I've been thinking about since you asked about opinions on that microphone. And ever since I bought a pair of speakers, that were ok but didn't by far live up to the reviews I read on a forum.

So my thoughts are these, on user review type forums can you really trust the writers? Isn't it very human not to want to admit you made a bad purchase? And because of that you give the products better reviews than they deserve.


Mar.06.2007 @ 5:24 AM
Never having used FL, how is it different from say GarageBand?

New for me is two turntables. Too many people are asking me to DJ and I figure I can use it to promote my own music since I cant afford the payola required for a review in the local reggae mags.


Mar.06.2007 @ 6:54 AM
Needing a cheap-ass portable controller keyboard, I've been looking at the M-Audio Axiom 25.

On one hand, it's made by M-Audio, a company who somehow exude a yucky smell. On the other hand, it's got lots of buttons and knobs and stuff, which would be very useful for Live twiddling.
Plus Turnkey do it for under ?90.

On the other hand, Thomann have an Alesis Photon 25 for ?45 (plus delivery) which is significantly cheaper and definitely not M-Audio. It doesn't have as much twiddly potential though, and I can only find one or two reviews online.

Ideally I'd get a nice CME controller or something, but the UF5's (the only one even close to being in my budget) USB connection is allegedly useless, and I have literally no room (you try living in a 1 bedroom flat with a really messy art student) and even less money.

Any opinions?
I'm really just thinking out loud, but any guidance is welcome.


Mar.06.2007 @ 7:47 AM
Got an MPC too: the 4000.
It's near the S900 I still keep for nostalgia...

FL is something I'm really missing after the change to mac book pro, but I'm using the Windows partitions only for games... you know are Hd aren't infinite....
I know it's far from perfect, but it was a great first step into programming (I've made some demo song for them- version 3 I think, and in Fruity I've done my first published remix...), and some of the feature it has, like envelope follower you can assing to everything, formula controller, were really cool... If only ableton could do something similar for live....

The Evolver: still paying some money every month to say that my PEK is really mine!!! (I will finish in december, this year).
Really great stuff, and as for Akai, I've got the grandpa: Prophet 5 too...

... quite proud of my setup now!!!

Magnakai, I tried the axiom, is kind of cool for the price it cost... I personally prefer the novation remote 25, for the pot controllers.



Mar.06.2007 @ 8:47 AM
I'll 2nd the Novation ReMote 25 - it's a very solid controller with really well-considered MIDI implementation. Since it's discontinued in favor of the ReMote 25 SL (which admittedly looks very cool) you can probably find it relatively cheap - I got mine for under $160. (Not the LE which has less knobs & sliders.) The paper over-lays are kind of ridiculous, but it's pretty easy to get around without them, and the X/Y controller is a great feature.

Mar.06.2007 @ 9:35 AM
Mm, good call on that ReMote 25.
There aren't many around, but the few that I could find aren't too pricey.

If I can't get hold of one, then I guess I'll go for the Axiom. I heard they were pretty solid things.

When I can fund a whole studio room, I'm gonna get an enormous bazillion-key master controller with every kind of input. It'll make Jean Michel-Jarre's bendy keyboard thing look like a Prodikeys.


Mar.06.2007 @ 10:29 AM
penzoil washington
Ursa stuff is cool, but not cool enough to justify the prices they're getting these days.

Mar.06.2007 @ 11:41 AM
anyone with a fondness for trackers should look at Renoise 1.8, which is a stunning bit of kit for the price.

Mar.06.2007 @ 12:31 PM
Adam Schabtach
I just paid a rather silly amount for an Ursa Major that's in such good condition that even I'm surprised, and I have rather high standards for such things. I should have bought one when they were going for around $500 but, well, that's what I get for a) waiting, b) becoming obsessed with weird old signal processors.

I've only barely had a chance to listen to it, but it's a pretty neat box. It must've blown heads off when it was introduced.



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