March 5, 2007

Open Thread...

by Chris Randall

Sorry for the lack of posting. There are a number of reasons. In no particular order:

1. Absolutely nothing interesting has happened in the audio world that I can make out.

2. I sprained my ankle last Thursday, and I've just been lying about all weekend.

3. We're mostly caught up in developing Dr. Device; mainly this involves building filter models at this point. I think we've got a fairly musical selection of filters going here now; some touching up to do but we're almost there. The main breakthrough was coming up with a 4PLP ("Moog" filter) that self-oscillated, and who's self-oscillation didn't sound like a swarm of West Nile Virus-carrying mosquitoes. Adam managed to turn my vague comments (e.g. "this filter would be my friend if it didn't buzz so fucking much") in to a pretty damned good LPF, I think.

In any case, Open Thread. What's on your mind?



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Mar.05.2007 @ 7:52 PM
penzoil washington
How are you liking your new Dodge thingy? I think they look pretty cool.

Mar.05.2007 @ 7:55 PM
Darren S.

sorry to hear about the ankle.

on my mind??? 2 things: Mooger. VCO & Fruity Loops 7 ????

does anyone know what's up with the Freq. Box & it's release date??
seemed like it was pretty much ready @ Namm.

i was just on Matrixsynth & he had a link to a new video for FL7, it seemed pretty basic & easy to use. now hold on a second, before u all start to laugh, i expect FL is pretty much useless & outdated for most of u that have been using computers to record for awhile now, but i still use my Tascam & i've been considering a new pc exclusively for recording. so yeah, does anyone have an opinion on the new version???



Mar.05.2007 @ 8:34 PM
mike kiraly
1. an evolver fell into my lap (figuratively) and i cant tell you how awesome this thing is. it was missing 2 knobs and DSI sent me replacements for free. they are cool. i know we talked about this a few weeks ago, but hey, you said open.

2. i bought an mpc because A) I used to have one and I always regretted parting with it and B) After years of sequencing inside the box, I wanted something portable and tactile to break me out of a creative rut. Man, everyone should have an mpc. Hook it up to a synth, grab some old records, and just bang on the thing. Won't replace my everyday method of working, but it's fun for getting out of the studio.


Mar.05.2007 @ 8:38 PM
Chris Randall
1. I loves me a Dodge Caliber. It's the business. Mileage is good, and it is a world-class champion in the snow. (Note that I got the AWD R/T model, which has a larger engine than the normal Caliber.) It's under-powered, though. And the CVT takes some getting used to. Still creeps me out a little bit.

2. FL7. I have almost as many nice things to say about FL as I do about Digidesign. So that should give you some idea as to where I personally stand on their products.

3. An MPC always seems like a fun idea for exactly the reasons you state. However, I just don't work that way, and I'd probably only use it for like a day.

4. FreqBox should be out later this month, or so my industrial spies tell me. You'll know when it's out because I'll have one. ;-)



Mar.05.2007 @ 8:46 PM
I would comment on FL, but I have only used it once or twice... and that was many versions ago. A general comment though: If you haven't gotten used to any one software yet, you are in a prime position. I only upgrade when I become frustrated with barricades to my creative process. I used to come up with ideas for common-place things all the time when I used Mixman Studio, and even so with Acid "Pro." Now that I am using Cubase SX, I very rarely see a barrier to my process, and when I do it's because there are TOO MANY options or there is a workaround of some kind. The only downside is that the songwriting/structuring/editing/mixing process has now changed twice, and each time the learning curve has left me struggling for air. But I digress...

I thought with an open topic I would bring up the observation that Discord seems to generate a lot of unabashed ULF sound. Like 1 or 2Hz low. I ran a mix through the line ins on an AD600 to see what it would do to my precious high end when driven. What it did was crap out completely in certain parts, and discouraged me thoroughly. It took me a while to notice that my drivers (mid-field) were moving in and out REALLY far to try and reproduce these inaudible tones, which caused distortion like I have never heard in those certain passages. I figured it was a fluke until the 2-trk of a late night jam session I had with my friend at the helm exhibited the same behavior. I used Discord 1 for both of these sessions, so I don't know if it still happens with version 2.

I'm not saying there is a problem with the plug (on the contrary, the fact that it can even go to these places says something of the quality of the software), this is just a public service message to anyone who uses (abuses?) it to the full extent: put a 20Hz HPF after that bad boy in your signal chain. And do it BEFORE any dynamics processing, cause we all know how tricky those inaudible rumbles can be.

Dr. Device better band pass frequencies all the way up into the visible light spectrum... I wanna give the cones in my eyes a little work out too.


Mar.05.2007 @ 10:08 PM
brandon daniel
re: the caliber

Ended up with one as a rental down at the NAMM show this year. I wanted to like it, but I just couldn't. I don't know if it was the CVT, but the response just felt weird. It felt like driving a truck, even though the size profile is more wagon. And there's this little thing with the key that you have to do to remove it from the ignition that really bugged me. Visibility out the back was poor, too.

Not my thing. But I could see how it might be better for an environment that gets more weather than sunny California, as a fairly cheap 4wd wagon.


Mar.05.2007 @ 10:12 PM
penzoil washington
Glad you like the Calibre. My Neon @ 60k miles has begun to need expensive repairs (bearings, alternator, brake adjusters), but my trusted mechanic tells me only Honda stands above the rest in reliability these days, Toyota having fallen to US standards, apparently. I'm pretty determined to go hybrid next time around and hope there will be more choices by then.

Mar.05.2007 @ 10:15 PM
Adam Schabtach
No plug-in can pass frequencies up to visible light. Google "Nyquist limit".



Mar.05.2007 @ 10:41 PM
Many years ago I purchased Fruity Loops (back when their wasn't 3 versions)... and got the free updates until a couple years ago despite not really using it. Here are my opinions of it:

1. The copy protection scheme was causing all sorts of problems with the PC I was using it on.

2. They offered "lifetime updates", and then they switched the software to being tiered with 3 versions... so you would have to purchase an upgrade if you want all the features.

3. It was a bit unstable, and prone to crashing.

4. It was more like an old school tracker than a DAW. If you want to use it as a standalone all-in-one system, to make 100% software based music, it might be OK, but it was not what I would consider professional by any means.

5. A lot of VST plugins wouldn't work properly.

Basicly, when you first use FL, it seems like a lot of fun because it has a very old-school tracker feel to it... But it doesn't have the elegant simplicity of an old-school tracker. I played with it for a couple days, and then got kind-of bored. No matter how fun it was making 4 channel amiga .mod files at one time, it was probably more fun because you were 15 years old... Fruity Loops loses its novelty quickly.

Of course, my opinions are from older versions of FL, so maybe things have changed in the last couple years.


Mar.05.2007 @ 11:34 PM
Chris Randall
"5. A lot of VST plugins wouldn't work properly."

Your opinions, based on older versions of FL, are perfectly valid today. It's our number one problem host. I'll say no more.



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