February 21, 2007

And next on the agenda...

by Chris Randall

Is one of my friendly readers a D&B turntablist? I need some scratching on a track (it's actually just barely D&B, 165bpm which is like old-school house tempo in this age of Red Bull and Vodka) and I don't know anyone that can accurately scratch that fast. At least, not in Mill City, Oregon. There's a 32-bar solo section and some transitional stuff. Drop me a line if you have the requisite skillz and wouldn't mind helping out. Credit only, but I'd owe you one, and surely that's worth something.


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Feb.26.2007 @ 7:57 PM
Not a big deal, I just would have been surprised to find him here. I know him & his brother Machete a bit from when I lived in Cali. Machete used to be in L.A., has he left Concrete Jungle & moved to SF? I didn't know...


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