February 15, 2007

Open Thread...

by Chris Randall

Okay, today's open thread topic: which is the best band in the world ever: Agent Orange or Killing Joke? Seriously, though. I'm curious as to what makes a band someone's favorite. I have probably a dozen artists that could interchangeably be my favorite band ever, depending on mood and context. The one thing all of the artists have in common is the fact that they have deep catalogs; otherwise, they couldn't be more dissimilar. My list, for posterity, and in no particular order: Agent Orange, Killing Joke, Prince, Pink Floyd, Public Enemy, The Police, Tom Waits, Underworld, Otis Redding, Neubauten, and I think that's about it right now.

Quite frankly, I think I'm about over Pink Floyd. I've listened to them too much. That happened to the Beatles as well, and they're no longer my Favorite Band Ever either. And for the record, I CAN NOT STAND Synchronicity . I'm not one of those Johnny-Come-Lately Police fans that gets a hard-on from a Synclavier arpeggio.



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Feb.15.2007 @ 11:29 PM
just gotta throw out a vote for

Feb.15.2007 @ 11:55 PM
Early XTC
The Flaming Lips
and the big one many people overlook and leave out of lists like this:
Los Lobos. Incredible live band and great in the studio.

Feb.16.2007 @ 12:46 AM
Not rock, but my favorite band is Ivo Papasov and his orchestra. Completely fucking unbelievable.

Feb.16.2007 @ 3:18 AM
Blues Traveler....Fuk All Da H8RZ

my first post how pathetic


Feb.16.2007 @ 6:34 AM
Sonic Youth, hands down. They've had their good and bad spells, but for me, they're the absolute tops. Why? Their music just resonates in a deep way with me; it did since I heard them as a wee lad.

Feb.16.2007 @ 8:22 AM
3 for me:

1) CAN (pre and post)
2) simple minds (pre-midi and pre chrissy be/hynde)
3) autechre (pre-elektron machinedrum)


Feb.16.2007 @ 8:37 AM
I'm all for hyped mental+physical shit.
king crimson, meshuggah, can, hancock's headhunters.

Feb.16.2007 @ 9:20 AM
Ohh, SOOO much to comment on here...I'm almost having a seizure from the thoughts flying around my head...

Re The Police: like any reunion, I will avoid this like the plague. It's sort of like drunken sex: at the time it's exciting and seems like a good idea, but later on you realize that it wasn't that good, and probably was a bad idea in the first place. I prefer to remember them all coked-up ca. 1981. (Of course, I was 5 at the time, so that has something to do with it.) No wonder they played Shea Stadium and the like; all three egos couldn't fit in a basketball arena at the same time. And, for the record, Ghost In The Machine is (IMO) their best.

Re Pink Floyd: I guess this is one of my heard-it-too-much-in-high-school things. I absolutely cannot listen to anything after Meddle anymore, except for Animals (occasionally). I'd rather drive a nail into my ear than have to sit through any portion of The Wall again. Ditto Dark Side. Live at Pompeii is fun, though, for the weird freakouts and all...particularly if you're in a room with a blue cloud hanging over it...

Re Genesis: my not-so-secret guilty pleasure. I was a Yes fan from teenage years on (and still listen to some here and there), but I didn't get into Genesis until the last few years...my computer here at work now has all their output 1971-77. If I'm gonna prog-rock out these days, it's either Crimson or Genesis. And while I love mid-70's improv Crimson, it doesn't have bitchin Tony Banks synth solos! ("Riding The Scree", anyone???)

My faves: Crimson and Genesis (duh), Can (1970-74), Tortoise (even though that boat sailed almost 10 years ago and I didn't buy their last disc), Fennesz, This Heat (you got your punk in my prog! you got your prog in my punk!) and most anything on Kranky records, though the last one is directly proportional to the amount of substances I have available. I've also been way into early electronic music of late (Xenakis, Cage, Mimaroglu, etc.) but it's something I listen to more for inspiration than enjoyment...


Feb.16.2007 @ 9:35 AM
"Posted by famss"
3) autechre (pre-elektron machinedrum)

Love the pre-machinedrum comment, feel exactly the same way!


Feb.16.2007 @ 9:42 AM
Yep, Genesis was good up until Hackett left.


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