February 13, 2007

Things To Buy Real Soon Now...

by Chris Randall

I've got a mental list of things I'm going to get in the not-too-distant future. These first two will finally complete my Analog Effect:

Moog MF107 Freq Box. I don't know why this thing appeals to me so much, but I literally can not wait until it comes out. It occurred to me that with this, the ring mod, the LPF, and the phaser, I'm actually dangerously close to having a modular synth again, something I swore off semi-permanently last year. Well, as long as I don't buy a MIDI-CV converter, I'm still safe, right?

Eventide TimeFactor. I already have an Eclipse so this is somewhat superfluous, as there is literally nothing in this box that the Eclipse can't/doesn't do. However, it's an Eventide delay in pedal form, and it will finish off my Analog Effect nicely, and I even have the perfect spot for it, and it's such a pretty blue...

Waldorf Blofeld. Essentially a Microwave Micro Q in a desktop form-factor, with some extra shit, right? In any case, I like desktop units because I can just keep 'em all on a shelf and pull the one I need out, and they all occupy the same footprint.

So, those are the next additions to my lil' studio that you'll be hearing about as they become available. What's on your List?



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Feb.14.2007 @ 3:39 AM
Want to get an evolver and other cool electronic toys, but first I'm getting an electric violin (expensive) and a pair of A7s. I also think I should spend more time figureing out the depths of what I have, which could take a while. I'm kind of frustrated with the Ion, though. It sounds really pretty, for a VA, but I haven't really been able to get any sounds with real balls or grit out of it except by running the oscillators through my sherman.

Feb.14.2007 @ 3:50 AM
damn, I just checked out that pigtronix echolution someone mentioned, and it looks really sweet. Even more than that eventide. Does anyone know when they will be available?


Feb.14.2007 @ 9:48 AM
Wade Alin
my next thing is either the dangerous d-box, the upcoming ua monitor master or just a coleman. something along those lines.



Feb.14.2007 @ 10:28 AM
Adam Schabtach
Yes, the X-Y table vendor is Micromark. I think I'm going to get the one from littlemachineshop.com, however. The price is about the same, the specs are about the same, but the latter is made entirely of metals whereas Micromark's is partly made of "engineering polymers" which is a euphemism for plastic, I assume. Somehow a plastic drill-press vice just doesn't do it for me.

Even aside from the DIY issues, I still think that the person who compared modulars to model railroading was right. We're not talking about maintenance, which is indeed about the same (in my case, dusting stuff off with a feather duster). The point is that working with a modular is an activity that can become all-engrossing in itself and not lead to any particularly practical outcome. My modular brings me a huge amount of amusement and delight but it's far from being a practical instrument.

I used to have an Xpander, too. Nice instrument, except for the incredibly mushy envelopes.

The Boomchik is definitely on the List--I forgot about that. However, it's currently nothing but a poster and a bunch of conversations between Dave and Roger, and I try to avoid lusting after gear that doesn't actually exist.



Feb.14.2007 @ 1:41 PM
re the pigtronix echolution
i emailed them to ask price etc...

"The Echolution is $469.99 and worth every penny.
If you like the triplet and double heads on the Roland tape delays, wait till you hear the Golden Ratio delay!
You can order the pedal directly from us. 50% up front will get your pedal started. The build cycle is 6-8 weeks. The balance is due upon shipment of your Echolution."

they have no dealers here, so not sure if they sell direct in usa etc...


Feb.14.2007 @ 2:22 PM
I had looked at the Echolution recently. Cool looking thing, only trouble from my perspective with it is that it doesn't have stereo inputs. Which isn't a problem for guitar or most synths, but I wanted a portable delay to use primarily with a sampler that does have stereo outs. I could just not connect one input, but why bother when the Eventide does have stereo ins?

Feb.14.2007 @ 9:09 PM
I remember when I used to ride my Honda CBR600 (rice rocket) to the Rock Store with buddies (that's where hundreds of bikes of all types converge on Sundays in the summer in SoCal), the only thing the Harley types and sport bike types could agree on was laughing at the poor fools breaking their legs trying to get their Norton/BSA/Triumph P.O.S to start! My Honda ran like, well, a Honda, as did the '72 (!) CB500 that preceded it (I regret selling that bike more than I regret selling my Roland Vocoder, and I LOVED that vocoder!).

I have a .com modular that I'm doing monthly play with. I don't know what my past motorcycle ownership says about it!

This may be somewhat in my head, but the reason I got it was because I figured being all discrete, it would make the best bass sounds ever (though depending on your deifinitions, it isn't 100% discrete, as there's op amps all over the place). And I figured that it would do crazy audio range modulation really well, because I love a laser more than Dr. Evil.

But I hate the whole nerdy fat dude vibe... who's never actually created a hummable song in their life that is usually the owner of a modular. And maybe a train set. And 12-sided dice. And lots of other things that prevent interaction with naked women.

It's kind of weird that modulars (and lots of other synths) have become a hobby for some that has nothing to do with creating songs.



Feb.14.2007 @ 9:28 PM
I think there were a really great comment about modulars...

> unless you want to write TO the sounds, which I don't.

It is a fucking daily struggle to avoid this pit. And I think I avoided the esoteric modules or random voltage generators and the like while concentrating soley on lots of different filters. Regardless of the tone of the VCO - and there are opinions out there claiming it has as much to do w/ the sound as the VCF - there just is something special about quickly patching between a CS80 to a MS20 to a 904A filter. And that is something which really can't be done w/o a modular.


Feb.14.2007 @ 9:35 PM
"It's kind of weird that modulars (and lots of other synths) have become a hobby for some that has nothing to do with creating songs."


I'm not surprised because I saw the same thing happen to guitars. There's an entire genre of guitars and amps that are exclusively for collectors who will shuttle the instrument off to a humidity-controlled environment and maybe take a picture of it for the back page of Vintage Guitar Magazine. The only people you see playing top-end PRS guitars are endorsees and doctors.

When you start seeing synth modules in mother of pearl and rosewood, time to katy bar the basement door.


Feb.15.2007 @ 11:47 AM
I need a stereo pre (or a pair) to hookup to my folcrom rms216. currently i have one chandler germanium preamp/di, one Millennia td1 and one UA Solo 610. I had been thinking of buying a second chandler but i am now thinking of going a different route. I had pretty much decided to buy the Great River MP-2NV but overnight i have developed a strong interest in the Daking Mic Pre IV. Then, there is of course the Portico. Anybody have input/experience here. Or any other suggestions (the guy at L&M insists i should buy the Presonus ADL600 that is on sale right now).

I figured this was applicable as this is what is on MY wish list.


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