February 13, 2007

Things To Buy Real Soon Now...

by Chris Randall

I've got a mental list of things I'm going to get in the not-too-distant future. These first two will finally complete my Analog Effect:

Moog MF107 Freq Box. I don't know why this thing appeals to me so much, but I literally can not wait until it comes out. It occurred to me that with this, the ring mod, the LPF, and the phaser, I'm actually dangerously close to having a modular synth again, something I swore off semi-permanently last year. Well, as long as I don't buy a MIDI-CV converter, I'm still safe, right?

Eventide TimeFactor. I already have an Eclipse so this is somewhat superfluous, as there is literally nothing in this box that the Eclipse can't/doesn't do. However, it's an Eventide delay in pedal form, and it will finish off my Analog Effect nicely, and I even have the perfect spot for it, and it's such a pretty blue...

Waldorf Blofeld. Essentially a Microwave Micro Q in a desktop form-factor, with some extra shit, right? In any case, I like desktop units because I can just keep 'em all on a shelf and pull the one I need out, and they all occupy the same footprint.

So, those are the next additions to my lil' studio that you'll be hearing about as they become available. What's on your List?



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Feb.13.2007 @ 6:29 PM
On the off-topic: After spending time on Doepfer/modular boards, it's depressing how many people are trying to find some backdoor-bargain way to a Minimoog, when, all told, a decent used Minimoog would cost less than a stack of modules + controller and actually would sound and feel like a Minimoog.

The reasons for getting into a modular are the same reasons for getting into British motorcycles.


Feb.13.2007 @ 7:42 PM
what would be the reasons for getting into british motorcycles?

i was planning to start a very small plan b euro rack system soon. i like the idea of experimenting within defined limits. i enjoy using supercollider but it is not as immediate as i would like. that said, i am just pursuing a hobby and said "stupid things" are probably my bread and butter :)


Feb.13.2007 @ 8:01 PM
Chris Randall
Oh, by all means, if you have the time and the inclination, modular systems are a blast. But ultimately, I'm a very immediate person, and it was just a big money/time pit for my uses.



Feb.13.2007 @ 8:11 PM
I'm still not sure if I should be lusting after the UA DCS Remote Preamp or not. Anyone hear this thing yet?

Feb.13.2007 @ 9:01 PM
"what would be the reasons for getting into british motorcycles?"

If you like being wrist-deep in the mechanical blood and guts of the thing, and you're willing to trade modern convenience and reliability for some sort of vague, ill-defined mojo, and if you want to get chatted up by complete strangers when you stand next to the thing, then a British bike/modular of any nation is the ticket.

That being said, I share your "experimenting within defined limits" tip. I built a rack made up of Doepfer and Analogue Solutions modules, mostly filters, a couple LFOs and random voltage generators, and some other utility modules. As much as it can be a PITA to lug and set up, it sure is fun to play, and I enjoy the inability to bring about the same sound twice.


Feb.13.2007 @ 9:11 PM
mike kiraly
After your Evlover post from last week, I've had an itch for that little devil. I went to GC and played with a PEK for awhile - a little more muscle than I need, but it sure was fun.

I've also been toying with the idea of an Avalon 747 - can anyone talk me into or out of that notion? I work entirely in the box, with all of my external synths and fx running into the inputs of 2 x 828mkII's - I envision sending tracks and groups out to a 747 and back in again just to give them a little more character. Possibly also for the occasional master bus processing. Thoughts?

Cue someone telling me I should invest in better converters instead in 3...2...1....


Feb.13.2007 @ 9:14 PM
penzoil washington
I also swore off modulars years ago. I love them, but realized it's like model railroading - loads of fun but not to be confused with actual productive railroading (or musicmaking), unless you want to write TO the sounds, which I don't.

The UA DCS preamp.... remains to be seen if it's up to snuff. It's too cheap, given the fancy remote control with built in monitoring fx, to be in the same class with the 610, 110 or that nice discontinued one based on the 2108. For $1200 you've got several nice choices (vintech, langevin, grace), and if you can do with just a single channel, lots of really stellar choices from a V72 repro to Chandler Ltd. Germanium, pretty much anything you like short of an original API, Neve or Massenberg in the used market.

If you really need a two channel pre, but not the fx or sexy remote particularly, I'd look elsewhere and go for quality over zazz. ..it pays off big.


Feb.13.2007 @ 9:14 PM
Next up is acoustic panels. I'm building them myself based on Auralex Sonosuedes, only I'm not about to pay $1200 for suede fabric on top of 705 fiberglas. After that, god help me, I'm thinking about a third ADAM S2A so I can mix in 5.1. (Well 5.0, then a Sub10 to upgrade to 5.1)


Feb.13.2007 @ 9:17 PM
penzoil washington
good for you synthetic. auralex is a ripoff. it doesn't bother me so much that they charge way too much for their effective products, but the fact that they sell so much shit which is purely cosmetic and totally useless for acoustic control really is annoying.

Feb.13.2007 @ 9:21 PM
penzoil washington
...blastioff. Mike, how about an API A2D for $1600? you get the great pre's and the improved AD all at once for what would be a reasonable price for the pre's alone. Since I guess you do mostly overdubs, this would give your sound a big improvement for the $.

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