February 11, 2007

Vista Fiesta, Rnd. 2...

by Chris Randall

Went and got a squeaky clean hard drive from PC Club today, and installed Vista on it. The installation was actually a bit less painful than a normal Windows install. Of all the odd hardware in my PC, the only things it didn't recognize right off the bat were the Lynx AES/16 (which I knew would happen) and my SATA RAID. In the former case, I installed the WinXP driver, which appears at a cursory examination to be working, and in the later, I was able to get beta Vista drivers from the manufacturer's website, which work fine.

I installed my existing versions of Photoshop and Nuendo, and they appear to be fine. Then I spent an hour or so on the initial stages of tuning it. This is where I've made some nice discoveries. There are many features that can be controlled out of the box in Vista that required, say, TweakUI or something similar in XP. Almost everything I would normally tune has a control panel in Vista. It may be five or ten clicks deep, but it's there. The layout of things is also a bit more logical. I haven't had to hit Google yet to find something.

Once I turned all the Aero bullshit off, I'll make the initial note that Vista appears to run a bit more, uh, what? Firmly? Quickly? Dunno. But I do like the general lay of the land at this point. I'll continue tuning tonight, and take the initial foray in to getting the audio fine-tuned (I'm a bit nervous about that, as it doesn't feel right) but I'll run a qualified "it's all good" banner up the flagpole at this juncture.

Caveat emptor: I'm a very old hand with PCs, having used them since there was "PC." I've been building my own for 20 years. And I'm a software developer. So don't think because it's easy for me, it'll be easy for you. And I would strongly suggest you follow the old axiom that if it ain't broke, it don't need to be fixed. There is nothing in Vista that would make an audio PC better that I can see. The only reason I installed it is because I had to, and I would strongly caution any audio user that uses Windows against doing the same. But if you have to, it's doable, if your system is in good shape to begin with.

EDIT: Got all my plugins installed and everything tuned, and all seems right with the world. Dev environment next, but it seems to be swell. Things are a bit faster overall; I think they did some work on the snappiness of windows and such. Nuendo loaded cold in about 45 seconds in XP; it takes about 30 seconds in Vista on the same computer. Nothing doesn't work that I can tell.



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Feb.15.2007 @ 2:44 PM
just curious, thats all. I run a PC/Nuendo rig too and I'm always curious how other pros are setup. Thanks for your time!

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