September 20, 2005


by Chris Randall

I've got an odd question. Is anyone aware of a VSTi or AU instrument that emulates the GameBoy audio hardware? And I don't mean some dumb-ass SynthEdit sample-fest, either; I mean a VSTi that uses the audio engine from one of the many emulators, or perhaps one of unique design, and the audio is done in DSP, not with samples.


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Sep.29.2005 @ 12:34 PM
I am working on an NES 2A03 emulator with a MIDI front end. Not sure where the project will end up going -- but I was interested in finding out what the 2A03 it would sound like when controlled by my MIDI keyboard.

The software is very rough alpha -- MIDI features not implemented yet. I basically have the 2A03 running with notes activated by typing. Patch editing very minimal. But it can give you some idea of what fiddling with a 2A03 sounds like.

Anyone interested in a copy can find it at:
link []">link []

Feedback and comments appreciated.


Dec.06.2005 @ 1:11 PM
For those interested, the reason I haven't created VST implementations for the GameBoy sound chip is that the NES chip is almost exactly the same (with some slight pitch differences). The NES VSTs are available.

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