February 7, 2007

And The Hits Just Keep On Coming...

by Chris Randall

Dianne Feinstein has Hollywood's cock in her throat, which goes nicely with my previous entry. Now, this bill wouldn't actually kill internet radio, as far as I can tell. It would just keep internet radio from playing anything but Indie music. Since that's its bread and butter any damned ways, this won't have a huge effect on our world, IMO. But it's amusing to watch these retards flopping around still after 10 years of this.



Feb.07.2007 @ 12:34 PM
Well, there are a lot of indie labels that are actually protected by the RIAA - because they have distribution-only deals with big labels, licenced music on movie soundtracks, and things like that. Since there isn't some sort of indie logo that you can look for like a kosher logo, you don't really know if the RIAA will go after you for playing a piece of music.

It creates a situation where most people will use a DRM streaming format just to cover their ass.


Feb.07.2007 @ 1:53 PM
Bummer, I listen to Streaming Soundtracks on Live365. There's nothing else like it.

Feb.07.2007 @ 3:40 PM
In the RIAA's eyes ALL indie labels fall under their protection. Under the CARP ruling in order for internet stations to still use indie content without RIAA license they would technically require negotiations with each indie label, or you can just have a single deal with RIAA that keeps them from sending the thugs to threaten your storefront. The RIAA gets a **blanket license** you can 'opt-in' to for any artist and label, not ones who specifically sign up with the RIAA or are on major labels. As an 'indie' artist & label you only need register with the RIAA if u want a share of the profits that are supposedly being 'collected' on your behalf, they will collect the royalties regardless. After many months of online activist work they backed down from actively enforcing this against indie sites as much, but I do know sites that were given takedown notice back then who weren't able to be as widely heard in their complaining as the Womb.

This current attempt to shut down online music streaming would still affect indie content because it again seeks to put incredible cost & burdern on the online-only stations, increasing operating costs and reducing customer base due to a fragmented DRM market. No single implementation would work for all listeners so you'd be required to either transcode to multiple protected formats or choose a section of the DRM market to play to.

Make no mistake shutting down content they don't control is and has been a part of their goal since they used the RIAA filter patent to prevent artists from recording in 'licensed recording studios' (thus sending artists to further away states--a "Hollywood" effect).


Feb.07.2007 @ 3:59 PM
Chris Randall
Heh, I'd love to see how our co-lo company dealt with a takedown notice from the RIAA. "Go fuck yourselves, long and hard" would be (as has been in the past) their official reply. We own or administer the rights to all the music that is played on our Shoutcast stations, and if Shoutcast becomes problematic, we'll just switch to a Flash-based streamer and they can continue to fuck off.





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