September 20, 2005

Freak it like this...

by Chris Randall

Sorry I didn't post anything on Monday, but I was busy as all get-out. Finished up a contract job for [redacted], then actually made my otherwise quite-powerful PC (AMD64, doncha know?) whimper like a little girl from having to render 3D Studio Max files all day long. However, the GUI for Phase Two (the AD Bi-Phase clone) is now more or less done. I don't want to talk shit or anything, but, well, okay, I will... I think Audio Damage needs to get in an MC battle with another plug-in company, basically.

Anyways, I'm sure to find something interesting to talk about in the morning, but I'm so wiped right now I'm starting to see fantom lizards in my peripheral vision, and that's not a Good Thing.




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