January 28, 2007

Yard Sale!!!

by Chris Randall

My partner Adam is (finally!!!) cleaning out his studio, and has a few tasties up for sale. Everything after this is Adam typing, not me:

I am the original owner of all of these items. They have all been used only in my home studio/office. I have the original box, manual, and packing material unless noted otherwise. Everything is in nearly-new condition unless noted otherwise.

Clavia Nord Modular, first version (not the G2), rackmount


The original manual is somewhat out of date because Clavia updated the OS several times after I bought the unit. You can download a PDF of the current manual, the current editor, and great mounds of patches from Clavia's website. This comes with two bonuses, upon request: 1) a not-very-good book from Wizoo about programming it; 2) a pair of rack ears I fabricated from aluminum angle stock which position the unit somewhat more efficiently that the stock ears. The stock ears are included, of course. This item will have to ship double-boxed because the original packing is that nasty bagged-foam stuff that breaks down after one use.

Electrix WarpFactory vocoder


A rather unusual vocoder based on IVL's pitch-tracking technology rather than the standard filter-bank topology of analog vocoders or the FFT approach used by nearly all software vocoders. (IVL was Electrix's parent company. I talked to one of the Electrix engineers at the NAMM show at which these units made their debut.) The faces of the knobs are oddly textured and show minor signs of wear that nobody would mention unless they were as obsessive as I am. This item will have to ship double-boxed because the original box is kind of flimsy.

Korg AM8000R multi-effects processor


A somewhat obscure but very good-sounding effects unit, it has two independent processing sections plus a dedicated delay/reverb section. You can patch 'em together in different ways. The effects cover all of the usual stuff (delay, chorus, filtering, flanging, etc.) and some unusual things like a rather detailed Leslie simulator and a vowel filter. The rack ears probably have minor scratches from rack-mounting.

Doepfer Drehbank, first version


The ultimate MIDI knobby box: 64 assignable knobs. This one was one of the first in the U.S., I think, and is NOT the same as the currently shipping version. The differences I'm aware of are: 1) it's a different color--sort of a DX7-ish brown; 2) it doesn't have the eight CV inputs which I believe were an added option at the time; 3) it doesn't have the same bank-switching buttons and LEDs It has a single pushbutton and one LED. Last time I checked it did work with the editor software available at Doepfer's website. In the interest of honesty I will mention that it sends spurious control-change messages even when you're not touching the knobs. A few of the knob values fluctuate back and forth by a single increment. I asked about this and Dieter Doepfer himself told me that they were aware of the problem but had no intention of fixing it. Slowing down the update rate of the knobs is supposed to reduce the problem. I have only the German manual--I bought this thing so early that they hadn't yet translated it--but there is an English PDF on Doepfer's site. The unit did not come with its own packaging; it was wrapped in bubble wrap, as I recall, so I won't be sending it in a box that says "Doepfer Drehbank" okay? It also did not come with a wall wart. It needs a 9V DC supply; I'll try to scrounge one up but tell me if you have one of your own and I'll knock $10 off the price.

MXR phase 100, original (pre-LED) version, block lettering


Three disclaimers on this one: 1) I'm not the original owner of this unit--I got it second-hand, at least; 2) it has scratches and other signs of age and wear but seems to be completely functional; 3) I'm not a friggin' vintage guitar-pedal fetishist so I don't know everything there is to know about it but I'm happy to answer questions about it and provide a photo illustrating its condition if desired. The price is based on Chris's best guess.

Zvex Lo-Fi Loop Junky


The idiosyncratic guitar-oriented looper pedal. This is a "scratch-n-dent" unit but as far as I can tell the only defect is a scratch about 1/2" long on the end with the input jack. Aside from that it's like-new; I used it very little, and not with my feet.


-I accept PayPal only. It's just simpler for all concerned. You pay me before I ship the item.

-I can usually ship on the next business day. I can ship via UPS or USPS, your choice. You pay the actual cost of shipping which I will determine and provide for your approval.

-I will ship only to United States addresses. Sorry, but I hate filling out customs forms and dealing with the uncertainty of overseas shipments.

-FWIW, my eBay ID is studionebula if you want to look up my feedback. I take my online transactions very seriously as I recognize they require trust on the part of both parties.

Contact me via private message here and I'll give you my email address for further communication.




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