September 18, 2005

A warm fuzzy feeling...

by Chris Randall

The Audio Damage site has gotten a complete top-to-bottom facelift, courtesy of my loving and talented wife. Aside from the obvious, some back-end changes were done to enable better delivery of upgrades.

However, the biggest news is that FuzzPlus 2 is now available. We only have the VST versions for OSX and Windows currently. The AU version will be rocking in a week or so, so please don't send me nasty letters about how I hate AU (and you know who you are!) While it's true I do hate AU, I hate it a lot less than I hate the average Windows VST user. (And a caveat here: I am a Windows VST user, so I know from whence I speak.)

So, go get yourself a free plug-in, courtesy of us, and maybe add yourself to the mailing list so I can spam you with product announcements occasionally, and thereby justify my otherwise wretched existence.




Sep.18.2005 @ 8:16 PM
Yay! I didn't even know this was coming. You guys sure know how to make folks like me happy. Keep it up!

Kudos on another super cool cell shading-style interface too.


Sep.18.2005 @ 9:00 PM
Chris Randall
"Kudos on another super cool cell shading-style interface too."

You ain't seen nothin' yet. Just wait 'til Phase Two.



Sep.18.2005 @ 9:31 PM
I love the cel shading, too, on both you've done so far. Shocking for a Windows user - too cartoony my ass. Some folk just deserve a good kick.

This a great effect, best fuzz plugin around. I've probably been using it too much for the past month.

When's the phaser expected? 6 months - sooner, later? I can't wait, would be very nice to have a phaser plugin that sounds like a hardware phaser for once.



Sep.18.2005 @ 11:48 PM
Chris Randall
"When's the phaser expected? 6 months - sooner, later?"

Well, Adam has modelled the entire circuit in SPICE so far, so there's the matter of turning that knowledge in to DSP code. We have a real one now, purchased at not inconsiderable expense. There's some sort of math magic he does that I don't understand that needs to take place; it involves running tones through the real thing and turning the result in to lots and lots of numbers. I know this is time-consuming, but that's about all I know.

So, estimated time? I don't think six months is a bad guess. Might be sooner, might take longer. This is the most sophisticated model we've (meaning he's) attempted yet, so a certain amount of experimentation will be involved. I'll keep you posted on the progress, of course. The UI is modeled, but I haven't yet turned it in to a working GUI; once we're in feature freeze I'll put a screenshot up for your perusal. At that point, we'll be within spitting distance of a product, and I'll have a better idea of the release date.

But suffice to say, this one will be a motherfucker of a plug-in. We're spending quite a bit of money to develop it, so it is going to cost a bit more than our normal offerings, but not much more. I imagine we'll drop it at around $49 or so.



Sep.19.2005 @ 5:28 AM
Suit & Tie Guy
yeah cel shading is cool looking _but_ i must say that text fields that you can enter precision values with would be handier.

no reason not to have both.

i'd like to see cel shading and then also of course some sort of retro seventies green type on black background (think a Hazeltine terminal) at the push of a button. you know, pretty graphics for people who are into that sort of thing and then cold hard text for those of us who are into _that_ sort of thing.

the biggest useability obstacle so far in Discord (which by the way is the finest sounding pitch shifter i've used on a computer. it pretty much blows the Waves stuff out of the water, but what do they have other than the C4 and the L2, anyway?) is the lack of manual value entry. the "knob" interface doesn't cut it for me. when i'm using a computer, i'm using a _computer_. i like being able to precisely define values.

if i want to not be able to define values, i have a Minimoog sitting right here. it has knobs. they're made by Cosmo and are attached to open frame pots. it's pretty sexy.


Sep.19.2005 @ 11:05 AM
D' MacKinnon
I use the old Fuzz+ plugin (would that be considered old school yet?)

Besides that fact that this one looks cool as shit, is there any real difference in the audio between the two?


Sep.19.2005 @ 11:23 AM
Chris Randall
This one has a low-pass filter added. I found, in using it, that I tended to roll off the high end a bit almost all the time, so I figured it would be handy for it to have a tone control to save me the trouble.

So, it does sound a bit "warmer," because of the LPF and its attendent resonance. The distortion is exactly the same, but the tone control does add some stuff to the overall sound.



Sep.19.2005 @ 12:27 PM
Adam Schabtach
There are several reasons that our plug-ins don't have editable text fields for parameters: First, Chris and I prefer knobs, and we reserve the right to build plug-ins that make us happy. Second, part of the AD design philosophy is to make stuff that at least appears to be uncomplicated. Adding editable text fields is somewhat counter to this, although in Discord's case it could be done fairly gracefully. Note, however, that most of the hardware we draw our inspiration from became quite succesful without any text-based interface whatsoever. In other words, the Bi-Phase became legendary without having editable text fields, so why would a plug-in recreation of it need them? Third, editable parameter fields increase the complication of the code significantly, and there's only so much we're willing to put in while keeping our prices at their current attractive level. Fourth, many hosts provide their own alternative view of a plug-in's parameters that allow numeric editing, so in these cases our efforts would be redundant.

All that, however, doesn't mean that we won't do it in future plug-ins where it really seems like it would be a useful addition.


Sep.19.2005 @ 9:01 PM
Adam and Chris, you guys keep doing what you're doing. I learned the ropes working in traditional studios, and I'm accustomed to the way different pieces of gear have different character--not only in how they sound, but (almost as importantly) in how they look and feel to operate. It's all part of the experience, the joy of making records. Your plugs have those qualities too: each has a unique sonic character and a unique look and feel. True, there are plenty of ways to make a plug's UI more "effiecient," more precise or whatever. Witness the entire Waves line for example. Effecient and precise, bearing no resemblance whatsoever to any gear that exists in the real world. Even the two or three that sound decent enough to use are just no fun at all. Using them feels like operating a computer. Now, I _know_ I'm operating a computer. But I like software that feels like I'm operating GEAR. I love that you guys get that. Keep it up.


p.s. When the time comes, if you need beta testers...I'm here (and I'll still pay for it when it's released!)




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