January 22, 2007

Open Thread...

by Chris Randall

This is an open thread, as I'm a bit busy today. I'll post something meaningful when I get back this evening. To get the ball rolling, I need to buy some new electronic music. What's out there in the underground that I haven't heard of yet? Parameters:

1. No fucking trance.

2. Good production is a must. While I'm not a fan of BT's normal output (no offense; I just don't care for it) I _do_ like "Madskillz - Mic Chekka." I really admire the time he put in to the production of that track. Stuff like that.

3. I guess it's just those two.



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Jan.23.2007 @ 4:30 AM
If you're into pop-ish electronic sound check out the Parisian "Colder" link [www.myspace.com]">link [www.myspace.com]">link [www.myspace.com]</a>">link [myspace.com]</a> and Finish "Erlend Oye" <a href="<a href="link [www.myspace.com]">link [www.myspace.com]">link [www.myspace.com]</a>">link [www.myspace.com]</a> .You might like Canadian "Junior Boys" as well <a href="<a href="link [www.myspace.com]">link [www.myspace.com]

Jan.23.2007 @ 4:38 AM
ok so i just remembered this one band that i cant stop listening to

jackson and his computer band

link [www.jacksonandhnd.co...]">link [www.jacksonandhnd.co...]

you can listen to his whole album on here and yeah i have been loving his stuff for a while now


Jan.23.2007 @ 7:18 AM
Here's a related question for everyone. How do you all go about finding new music?

Jan.23.2007 @ 8:01 AM
Archetribe link [phobos.apple.co...]">link [phobos.apple.co...]

Jan.23.2007 @ 9:38 AM
Avalanches "Since I left you" was a great disc. I would also recommend Ken Ishii, his stuff may be a bit hard to find, but there is a Brian Eno influence there that I think you will enjoy.

Jan.23.2007 @ 12:52 PM
The Knife is definetly NOT my thing...

Jan.23.2007 @ 2:13 PM
you have EVERYTHING Sakamoto has released?
wow, including his film scores? thats a lot of music...
re his film scores, Tony Takitani is a beautiful film
but Sakamotos score is so beautiful it almost makes we weep...
such beautiful sparse piano that says such vast amounts with
the barest of notes...
didnt know there was a Noto/Sakamoto dvd!
wow, thats one concert i would have circumnavigated the globe
to see, pending time & money....
Bricolage (remixes) is an eclectic bunch, taylor deuprees being the
stand out imho...


Jan.23.2007 @ 3:57 PM
Barrage is a great act;
link [www.feralmedia.co...]">link [www.feralmedia.co...]

Two less obscure acts I've been really getting into lately are Matmos and The Books.


Jan.23.2007 @ 5:05 PM
3rd ups on the Avalanches "Since I Left You". Very good record.

Also, older stuff... Pest's 1st record (that I'm aware of) "Necessary Measures" is pretty hot and crazy. Their 2nd one... "All Out Fall Out"... not so much... not as "out there" as NM.

Also, a couple of records I don't think too many people have heard of...

Guillermo E. Brown's "Soul At The Hands Of The Machine" is awesome. Semi-jazz drummer of Matthew Shipp/William Parker fame goes wacko jazz electronica.

And for dub... Jamie Saft's (keyboards for John Zorn, Chris Speed) "Bread Crumb Sins" will "take you on a trip without leaving the farm" ;-)... great stuff.

Oh... and let me mention one other... any of the 3 records by Monsieur Leroc are worth having... crazy greasy dubbed up electronic retro funk rap.


Jan.23.2007 @ 5:37 PM
The Knife? oof!

Basic Channel/Maurizio/Rhythm & Sound still pretty much set my world on fire (old stuff, tho). Motor's first album is pretty cool stripped down stuff, and I second the COH recommendation.


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