January 22, 2007

Open Thread...

by Chris Randall

This is an open thread, as I'm a bit busy today. I'll post something meaningful when I get back this evening. To get the ball rolling, I need to buy some new electronic music. What's out there in the underground that I haven't heard of yet? Parameters:

1. No fucking trance.

2. Good production is a must. While I'm not a fan of BT's normal output (no offense; I just don't care for it) I _do_ like "Madskillz - Mic Chekka." I really admire the time he put in to the production of that track. Stuff like that.

3. I guess it's just those two.



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Jan.22.2007 @ 4:35 PM
Subliminal Fusion
Venetian Snares

Jan.22.2007 @ 4:48 PM
1. machine drum's bidnezz. link [www.machinedrum.ne...]">link [www.machinedrum.ne...]
2. dj c's 'boston' mix...its a singlehanded attempt at starting a new genre and does a good job of it. link [www.mashit.com]">link [www.mashit.com]
3. the trouble and bass 12". link [flaminhotz.com]">link [flaminhotz.com]
4. the field. link [www.kompakt-net.co...]">link [www.kompakt-net.co...]
and to pimp my own mixes...lots of hiphop/electronic crossover in there:
link [www.massmvmnt.co...]">link [www.massmvmnt.co...]

on another note: what's a good stripped down usb/firewire interface. all i need is 2 quality outs to get a stereo signal out of a laptop and into a patch bay for routing/effecting/rerecording.


Jan.22.2007 @ 4:54 PM
I second Tom Burbank's "Famous First Words" - it's one of my favorites of the year (last year)

Jan.22.2007 @ 5:17 PM
yep, "kode9", with the kirosawa movie sample.
link [youtube.com]">link [youtube.com]

about "burial", there are rumours it might be aphex twin, which i don't believe that at all.


Jan.22.2007 @ 5:17 PM
The reissue of Tetsuo Inoue's World Receiver is excellent. I have enjoyed Kunststoff by Move D and Christopher Willits' Surf Boundries a lot lately as well. I agree that the Burial and the Kode9 are great - i find it hard to relate them to BT but, oh well. I have also gone back to Endless Summer by Fennesz since Mego put out the new edition. The best thing i have heard lately is the 4CD Trees Community - Christ Tree reissue, freak-out old style, made with electricity as far as i can tell.

On a separate (but related) tip, i bought myself a pair of Sennheiser 650s and a Benchmark DAC1 last week. Hooked them up to my CD player and i have to say, these are perhaps the greatest purchases i have even made relating to listening to music. There is no going back now.


Jan.22.2007 @ 6:03 PM
Have you checked out all the stuff on thinnerism.com? They've got loads of great electronic music in freely downloadable album format. Also the last Trentmoller album was good, and is available via iTunes.

Jan.22.2007 @ 6:09 PM
Chris Randall
Man, there's a lot of stuff here to check. The edIT shit seems to get the most mentions, so I'll look at that first. For what it's worth, I have both the Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto albums. I have everything Sakamoto-san has ever recorded that is available, as far as I know.



Jan.22.2007 @ 7:18 PM
This is a lil old but I picked up the CD and blasted it in my car over the weekend and been pumpin it in my car like its audio crack: Avalanches "Since I left you". Some of it is a lil girly, most is madness. I can see an Underworld fan liking this, it has electro/house flavor but focuses more on Soulful feel, with a load of electro influence. Filters and delays CLEVERLY used all over, colorful sounding, tasteful use of sample jacking, they definetly own an MPC, but done well.

Jan.22.2007 @ 7:43 PM
another recommendation for Daedelus here

something that's a few years old but I keep meeting people who haven't so if you haven't heard it, check it out - 'Miles Gurtu' by Trilok Gurtu and Robert Miles (yes, THAT Robert Miles and no, it's NOT cheesy epic euro trance-lite).


Jan.22.2007 @ 8:06 PM
some more music to throw out there -

thinnerism - link [www.thinner.cc]">link [www.thinner.cc]
I'll second the tip to the thinner site. You could d/l stuff for months from here if you're into more minimal dub stuff. The Ben Businovski is great, as well as deluge (more IDM on the latter).

deadbeat - "version immersion EP" (on iTunes and eMusic)
More dub-oriented stuff here. His full lengths are excellent as well, if you've not heard them.


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