January 22, 2007

Open Thread...

by Chris Randall

This is an open thread, as I'm a bit busy today. I'll post something meaningful when I get back this evening. To get the ball rolling, I need to buy some new electronic music. What's out there in the underground that I haven't heard of yet? Parameters:

1. No fucking trance.

2. Good production is a must. While I'm not a fan of BT's normal output (no offense; I just don't care for it) I _do_ like "Madskillz - Mic Chekka." I really admire the time he put in to the production of that track. Stuff like that.

3. I guess it's just those two.



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Jan.22.2007 @ 12:22 PM
I would suggest amon tobin ,zea(i think its electronic) , punish yourself , ooah ,chachi jones ,yoko solo ,deadelus ,edit ,the wretch ,tycho ,we used to be cool and thats all i can think of now

Jan.22.2007 @ 12:42 PM
Alright so this is going to be a total shameless plug, but I just got finished producing an ep with a hip-hop guy named LT and it is right in the vein of "Madskillz" electronic/rap stuff. It's on <a href="link [phobos.apple.co...]">link [phobos.apple.co...]">iTunes here</a> and <a href="link [www.emusic.com]">link [www.emusic.com]">eMusic here</a>, courtesy of tunecore (which is actually pretty cool - I remember you asking about it before, and so far, i like it).

Anyway, I hope you forgive the plug, but I do think you'd enjoy it if you like that bt track. I'm not sure what other types of stuff you're looking for, but Hybrid's new disc is great (if you're into that soundtrack-ish breaks type sound), and I really dig the last Prefuse 73 ep ("reads the books" i think).


Jan.22.2007 @ 12:48 PM
right now i'm listening to:

Einoma - Undir Feiln?tum (vertical form)
clark - body riddle (warp records)
Melvins/LustMord - pigs of the roman empire (not electronic really but quite good)

proem - merck 5 (a bunch of live sets the label released in mp3 format on a data CD. i think its their last release ever)

Secret Frequency Crew - forest of the echo downs (schematic)


Jan.22.2007 @ 12:54 PM
link [www.martialfunk.co...]">link [www.martialfunk.co...]
(french netlabel)

Jan.22.2007 @ 12:54 PM
I second edIT---Crying Over Pros For No Reason is a favorite.
I'd add The Flashbulb ---Kirlian Selections
Richard Devine---Cautella
Vex'd---De Generate
Tom Burbank---Famous First words
Exile--Pro Agonist
dDamage--Radio Ape

Jan.22.2007 @ 12:57 PM
Hey Chris, everyone,

buy the album Burial, by Burial. It's really good. If you check out some online reviews you'll run out and buy it i'm almost certain.


Jan.22.2007 @ 12:58 PM
This is good, 'cause I've been searching for some new electronic stuff as well.
I've been digging some of the stuff on Shitkatapult (link [www.shitkatapult.co...]">link [www.shitkatapult.co...]); Apparat mostly. Also, not sure if you'd call it electronic, but Underworld-live had a link to zZz the other day (link [www.soundofzzz.co...]">link [www.soundofzzz.co...]). Blew me away.

Jan.22.2007 @ 1:00 PM
Oh, and even though it's a few years old, I still can't stop listening to the last Death in Vegas album "Satan's Circus". Incredible album.

Jan.22.2007 @ 1:15 PM
ok i also second richard devine awsome stuff one of the few out there who you can really call them sound designers all of his stuff is enjoyable in my eyes. Tim exile is a great one but i only recently got his new album but its funny as hell. Super 8 bit bros is pretty darn good as well. run return is amazing i think youd love that from what i have read on this site. piano overlord is really good as well. Im sure you have heard of them but pendulum is AMAZING only drum and bass i really like cause they made there own breaks and when they perform live they do a real live show guitars drums and a bass?. pete samples is one more guy thatd id suggest very cool stuff. ok thats all for now ill try and find some more

Jan.22.2007 @ 1:22 PM
Billy Palmier
H?h?, I'll be shameless and propose my own finished album?
Some nice laid-back summervibes

It's available on iTunes etc? soon also in cd version worldwide?

<a href="link [www.billypalmier.co...]">link [www.billypalmier.co...]">link [www.billypalmier.com]</a>


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