January 18, 2007

NAMM: Hardy har har...

by Chris Randall

Card-carrying Digidesign Hater that I am, I see the ironic humor in the above screenshots, which I'm sure a lot of users are missing. One (three?) of Digi's Hot New Products For NAMM are these tape simulator plugins. If I put any effort in to it at all (which I won't; typing this post is the absolute limit of the effort I'll put in to it, parenthetically speaking) I'm 100% sure I could find old Digidesign marketing material espousing hard disk recording as a vast improvement over tape, and berating the old MTR-80 to no end.

Full circle, I guess. I got a chuckle out of it, for what it's worth.



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Jan.20.2007 @ 1:45 PM
The other joke in this being the pun "reel" tape. Digital ≠ real, => "reel".

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