January 16, 2007

Some NAMM Stuff Any Damned Ways...

by Chris Randall

Since I can't go, I'm stuck looking at web pages like the rest of you. That being the case, I might as well post the interesting shit I find. In that light, here's the first. This is the Ampere Flame, which will be shown in the Analogue Haven booth. 'Tis a MIDI-controllable pair of SpeakJet voice synths in one box. I was remarking to Adam that if Audio Damage made hardware instead of software, this is the sort of thing we would make. Web page is here, but only in German. Price TBA, but if I had to make an educated guess, I'd say between $400 and $600.



Jan.16.2007 @ 11:32 PM
In case anyone is not down to spend $400 to $600 on something like this, here is a much less sexy option built on the same technology:

link [www.therobotstore.co...]">link [www.therobotstore.co...]


Jan.16.2007 @ 11:48 PM
Thanks for the link RexRhino.

CR, did'nt you and Adam talk about making a speech synthesis plugin a while ago? I thought it was a brilliant idea as i've never seen anything like that. I'd buy it for sure. Plus it would be a really original way of going on the synthesis side of plug making for AD.




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