January 16, 2007


by Chris Randall

Well, as it happens, I'm not going to NAMM. We got about 200 miles from home, and ran in to Issues with the Highway. Apparently, some people feel that a light dusting of snow is a good reason to close I-5. After sitting unmoving on the highway breathing truck exhaust for two hours, we gave up and turned around.

So, instead of my NAMM report on Thursday, you'll get my Snowboarding Report.



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Jan.16.2007 @ 8:37 PM
Is doh spelled doh or d'oh?

Jan.16.2007 @ 10:17 PM
Chris Randall
That's a perfectly valid question, but unfortunately, my brain would melt if I actually applied any thought process to it.

If anyone is curious, here's where I go: link [www.hoodoo.com]">link [www.hoodoo.com]

Just about 45 minutes from my house. (It'd be quicker if there was a highway there, but it's just two-lane mountain roads, and I invariably get stuck behind some blue-hair going 25, and there's nowhere to pass.)



Jan.16.2007 @ 11:48 PM
Porco Rosso
I used to telemark (back when I still had a spine composed of separate vertebrae). It was at little resort that is so old-school that it's banned snow-boards. It was about 30 minutes from my house. It was a place in Utah called Alta. Good times.


Jan.17.2007 @ 1:06 AM
D' MacKinnon
I ski and snowboard, my father still loathes that I switched to snowboarding after all those years of ski trips as a kid. I could pretty much tackle anything on skis but I get more enjoyment out of snowboarding. Moguls are a bitch and I found my limit this season when I tried to do some deep powder back bowl boarding. I think if I had skied I would have been okay but boarding through it I kept getting stuck in waist deep snow whenever my front end sank too much.

This winter I've seen more snow in Colorado than I have since I've been here but on the plus side the boarding is good.


Jan.17.2007 @ 11:01 AM
Bogus, I was looking forward to meeting you in person.

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