September 18, 2005

The Scoop On The Neve...

by Chris Randall

As you can see, we have a (sort of) picture of the Neve 8816 summing mixer now. KMR Audio put it up in their new products blog; the text is the same that you've seen elsewhere, but this is the first time an image has appeared. Looks like they fit all that shit in to 2U, which is cool. I am now fully convinced that this is the most awesomest summing mixer to be released yet. I mean, Total Recall? How cool is that?



Sep.20.2005 @ 10:57 PM
Keeping in mind, of course, that it's not like Rupert designed it. AMS Neve != Neve, you know?

For now I think I'm keeping my eye on the Speck.


Sep.21.2005 @ 1:39 AM
Chris Randall
Two points to consider there:

1) The Speck isn't designed by Rupert Neve either

2) Ford == Ford, even though Henry is long gone. Disney == Disney. Etc., etc.

It's also worth mentioning that Neve during Rupert's tenure released its fair share of complete and utter shite. It hit a few home runs, and that's what we hear about day in and day out. However, that said, my research so far shows this box doesn't have wall to wall traffos. I didn't see how it could at the price point. I've started to think that the Phoenix 16-channel Nicerizer might be a better choice as the hub of my analog lifestyle.



Sep.21.2005 @ 12:46 PM
1) Of course. But Vince @ Speck has a pretty good history of designing reliable, clean gear. He's not in the jesus category like Neve or API, but he's still running his own company and you can talk to him when you call.

Anyway, not saying the Speck is the be-all-end-all or anything. Just that for price and features and company, it's a contender for me. By the time I'm in the market, there'll probably be six other contenders...

2) I suppose. I haven't used enough Neve stuff to even front an opinion. A lot of companies change a lot when the original genius loses control.

In short - gotta try 'em out before I actually consider spending $.




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