January 12, 2007

Open Thread: An experiment...

by Chris Randall

One of the blogs I read on a daily basis has an Open Thread every day (several, actually) where people can just discuss what's on their mind. I thought I'd give that a whirl here. It remains to be seen whether or not it'll work, but here 'tis. Obviously, we should stay within the general realm of topics normally discussed here. Have at it.


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Jan.12.2007 @ 7:13 PM
What's up with many instrument companies... any secrets regarding NAMM are being brought out...
the new moogerfooger, v synth 2, arturia, waldorf,...
looks like some cool stuff.

Does somebody know when you select a RAVE patch on a synth on what is it based ? what is the typical RAVE synth sound ? what model...


Jan.12.2007 @ 7:46 PM
Have you tried Huber-Breese in Fraser, for your Jupiter?
There was a place the other side of 94 from Huber-Breese on Groesbeck, and all they did was keyboard repair I can't remember what the name was and nothing in the phone book is ringing a bell, but if Huber-Breese can't help you they might know about this other place.

Jan.12.2007 @ 8:30 PM
D' MacKinnon

Have you check out the Akai MPD drum pads? Creating drum tracks got a lot quick when I got one of those instead of clicking with a mouse in Logic's matrix window. I just pound out a beat on that, usually kick and snare first then high hats/cymbals and then I just slide the notes on the spots where I was sloppy.

They are pretty cheap too, you can get the MPD for under a hundred bucks.


Jan.12.2007 @ 9:31 PM
Brandon, check out www.synthcom.com . Every jupiter6 needs the europa. They could fix your synth while installing the upgrade as well.

Jan.12.2007 @ 9:36 PM
Wade Alin
my, it got really synthy in here. i'm just sayin'



Jan.12.2007 @ 10:16 PM
Chris Randall
Heh. I go snowboarding for a day and look what happens. But seriously: 10" of powder at Hoodoo, there's no fucking way I'm staying home.

In any case, Rex, I second (third?) the FS1R idea. I had one for a while; it is much more versatile than any other FM that Yamaha has released. You can do good synthish sounds with it; it's actually quasi-difficult to get the normal DX bells and whistles out of it. Excellent filters, too, and there are knobs if you need such. It is relatively important that you use an external editor, because programming it is oblique in only that endearing way that Yamaha manages. If one came across my radar used, I'd definitely buy it.

That aside, there's nothing at all wrong with the DW8000/EX8000. One of my all-time favorite synths. Of course, only one slider, so you might have to get creative with a knobby box or something for live use.



Jan.13.2007 @ 12:32 AM

I seem to remember a place on Woodward in Royal Oak that fixed synths, and I think they were called Junkyard Guitars. Did a web search for them, and their site seems to be down... but you could possibly check that out.



Jan.13.2007 @ 9:30 AM
How about a Korg Poly 800? The Parameters are adjusted using 2 buttons & an LED interface. No knobs, although it expands the sounds quite a bit if you do the "Moog Slayer" mod (which adds 2 knobs). It's analog but uses 2 DCOs, and they're real cheap.

And to the rest of y'all,
What/ where are these MFB effects of which you type?


Jan.13.2007 @ 9:55 AM
penzoil washington
new moogerfooger
link [www.gearjunkies.co...]">link [www.gearjunkies.co...]

Jan.13.2007 @ 10:03 AM

link [www.mfberlin.de]">link [www.mfberlin.de]
link [www.analoguehaven.co...]">link [www.analoguehaven.co...]


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