January 8, 2007

Bogdon Box Bass In The Hizzle...

by Chris Randall

Got home from snowboarding today to find a gigantic box waiting for me. Inside that box was another box, in the form of the Bogdon Box Bass kit. Clickies for a larger image if you're curious as to the contents. The yellow bubble-pak envelope is the pickup, I assume. It has a little Radio Shack piezo in it. It was taped to the inside of the box, and I think I shouldn't have either removed or opened it. However, no instructions came, so I thought they might be in there.

As you can plainly see, Pablo is helping with the assembly process. He's really a helpful cat, as cats go. We have two other cats that couldn't care less, but Pablo is a different story. He takes an interest in anything.

In any case, to the Bogdon web site, where I will hopefully find some assembly instructions. This shouldn't be too hard to puzzle out if there aren't any, but it'd be handy.

UPDATE: Well, that wasn't so hard. No instructions in the box, no instructions on the website, but quite frankly there's not a lot to it. A little bit of experimentation was required to understand (a) how the fuck the "tuning pegs" were supposed to work, and (b) where the pickup should be placed. But once I figured those two things out, the rest was gravy. Here is a pic of the finished object. Sound-wise, it's no Albert Jakstadt, but then again, it does't suck, either. I'll record some samples tomorrow.

It took about an hour total to put it together. If I made another one, I'd spend some more time on details, but quite frankly, I'm fairly certain I don't need more than one of these.




Jan.08.2007 @ 10:28 PM
The pickup almost certainly needs to be pinched under the bridge or some similar area. Inside a bag taped to the box won't produce diddly.

Kind of surprising there's no directions, though.


Jan.08.2007 @ 10:35 PM
Chris Randall
Oh, it produced, all right. But it wasn't any sound that resembled what I was hearing acousticly. I ended up doing what you said, simply because it was the most logical place, being where the sound is actually created.



Jan.09.2007 @ 2:26 AM
The question: is it worth the $90 (counting the $20 shipping)? I play electric bass and have always wanted an upright but could never swallow the price; I figured this would deliver a reasonable fascimile but was waiting to hear your verdict before throwing down the cash.

If they made a three-string version, I'd be in heaven.


Jan.09.2007 @ 2:45 AM
Chris Randall
It was only $76 after shipping. That said, I couldn't answer that for you. It'd be nice if it had three strings, for sure. I think honestly if you're a bass player, this is going to be greatly disappointing. If you're someone that just likes odd sounds and knows their way around a fretboard, it'll be more to your liking, I think.



Jan.09.2007 @ 11:23 PM
I know your as busy as fuck..some FMOF would be the shit the though!

Jan.11.2007 @ 9:53 AM
Hey Chris... Just so you know... I bought one too (hasn't arrived yet, 'cause I'm in the UK...)... I got an email with the link address to download the (VERY good) instructions.
I can link you if you want?

Jan.11.2007 @ 12:08 PM
Chris Randall
Don't need 'em any more. ;-)

I didn't receive any communication from them until I wrote and asked where the box was, FWIW. And then it was just a "we sent it. You should have it in X days."



Jan.23.2007 @ 8:59 PM
Bogdon Music

I was browsing the internet and came across your article. My name is Alan Eden and I am the Tech Support for Bogdon Music. We are a new company only ~4months old. There have been some growing pains, and we apologize if your order was mis-handled. The instructions link is usually sent out after the kit has shipped. We stand behind our product and statement that our box bass sounds as good as a 2000$ upright bass. That is why I am writing you, and would like to help you get the best sound out of your box bass. How did you attach the stick, soundpost, and the piezo sensor to the box? If it would be easier to discuss over the phone, email me your phone number or I can send you mine.






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