January 4, 2007

Replicant Progress Update...

by Chris Randall

Okay, everything is pretty much done and tested and working. We're putting the finishing touches on the manual today, and Elle is adding the reg code mechanism to the AD store. So you can expect to be able to purchase Replicant either late today or early tomorrow. I'll mail the AD mailing list when it goes available, and note it here, of course.



Jan.04.2007 @ 12:51 PM
mike kiraly
I'll be your first order!

Jan.04.2007 @ 3:26 PM
Adam Schabtach
We'll see. That's typically a hotly contested order.



Jan.04.2007 @ 4:37 PM
Chris and Adam, you continue to impress. Thanks for making great stuff and getting it out so rapidly! I'll definitely be ordering Replicant.

Now on to your next project: Ronin 2

...right? oh please oh please oh please



Jan.04.2007 @ 5:01 PM
curious re: the kick drum on the second replicant sample on the AD site. is that seperate as well like the first sample?

Jan.04.2007 @ 5:06 PM
Chris Randall
Yes. The foot is separate in all the samples, in order to provide some rhythmic backbone.



Jan.04.2007 @ 5:16 PM
brandon daniel
OK, just bought it ;0)

Jan.04.2007 @ 5:22 PM
Chris Randall
Brandon got the first order. Sorry, Mike.



Jan.04.2007 @ 5:35 PM
Adam Schabtach
Thanks for the kudos, blinkman; thanks for the orders, everyone!

Oh, and big thanks to whomever it was that made the very nice posting in a previous thread about what AD did in '06. I really appreciated that.



Jan.04.2007 @ 7:20 PM
I think it was me who mentioned. Man, that's a lot of stuff in one year. I was a bit surprised once I did a full reckoning.



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