December 31, 2006

Happy New Year...

by Chris Randall

Here's my year-end round-up, in the event my opinions on such things have any creedence:

BEST NEW PRODUCT: Moog Lil' Phatty. If nothing else, this product is the best of 2006 simply because it put the final nail in the "ph == f" coffin. But that said, there's nothing about it not to like. Size, form factor, UI, sound, price, style all phan-phucking-tastic. There's no particular reason I haven't bought one yet. I will at some point.

STUPIDEST NEW PRODUCT: Native Instruments Kore. This is the absolute pinnacle of the phrase "solution in desparate search of a problem." I haven't played with one, because I can't be bothered to figure out what the fuck it does or why it exists.

COOLEST PERSON IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY: My wife. She puts up with my bullshit, lets me spend ridiculous amounts of money on gear, runs a record label, makes web sites, mostly ignores the nearly constant kick drum thump eminating from my surroundings, regularly uses the name "Cunty McFuckstain" to describe people she doesn't like, and still manages to find time to bake a loaf of bread every three days. How the fuck did I get so lucky?

BIGGEST FUCKING TOOL IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY: K-Fed. My first instinct would be to call it a tie between Diamond Dave 103 and that fucktard that runs But really, both of those asscocks really pale in comparision to K-Fed. While I rarely bring him up here, he really is the biggest fucking tool in the music industry. There's no question.

So, that's my best and worst of 2006. What's yours?



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Jan.03.2007 @ 3:24 AM
i think adam is correct, regarding kore:
"The biggest problem with Kore, clearly, is its marketing campaign."

when they spread around with how you can get new sounds i thoughted that machine would produce sounds but apparently it makes sounds with the stuff you already own.
So it's like buying a closet and arranging everything correctly because a user can not do it by itself. i guess it's ilife for music production :)

But people should use what makes them comfortable in making music in a more organized and structured way.
It doesn't mean that kore is more worth than m-audio or novation controllers because the kore costs less in some areas so what's the cheap-ass music instrument here ?? use what your best at using.

It's partly false communication in telling you can find new sounds.
Which you can achieve with any new gear because you work different , or change your work style and you'll get new sounds also with the gear and plugins you already own.

If some think KORE is a waste , so be it.
If others need it to be more organized , so be it.

Don't expect to be a pro with a 450 euro or dollar device controller.


Jan.03.2007 @ 10:42 AM
I was really sold on Kore. It did a couple things i really wanted. Multiple midi events to one knob, being able to save a chain of plugins as its own patch etc. but i waited and Live came out with Racks and Macros. yay ableton.

Jan.03.2007 @ 10:52 AM
What is this thing called " Kore"? Never heard of.....

Jan.03.2007 @ 12:16 PM
2006 was the year of aquiring old/odd stuff for me: a TR-707, an MT-234, and just the other day a 30+ year old cheapass Guyatone guitar.

Best CD was Adrian Sherwood's "Becoming a Clich?" (Japanese release with the bonus dub disc). Best vinyl was a white label Jamaican 10" dubplate that no one I know can identify.

Worst CD was every damn bit of JPOP I had to deal with. The sooner Ayumi Hamazaki & co fall into a woodchipper the better. Y'all think KFED, etc. are bad? You aint been to Japan.


Jan.03.2007 @ 11:59 PM
The instant ayumi & co fall into the woodchipper, there are thousands more waiting to take their places. It ain't like it takes talent or anything.

Jan.04.2007 @ 9:12 AM
Hey Downpressor...have you heard UA's 'Turbo' and the project UA and Asai-san did called AJICO? I assume you're familiar with Sheena Ringo's best work too. Granted, these are all a few years old, but hey, they provide real respite from SMAP, Hamasaki, et al. The 'Turbo' disc is heavily dub-influenced - it is actually quite successful "dub-pop," amazingly enough. You might dig it. Sorry for posting off-topic.

Jan.07.2007 @ 11:03 AM
high tech
kore seems innovative in a few areas to me.
im not sure if i would drop what it costs to get one at this time but i guess since ive never actually used one i cant really judge it too much.

but as far as what it does...

CR:" I haven't played with one, because I can't be bothered to figure out what the fuck it does or why it exists."

to me it seems like it does what novations automap does, but KORE can also do alot of other things, and its much better quality.
(i was gonna pick up a novation zero, but after seeing the quality was such shit, i decided not to..... then i tried it out at my friends place who bought one and the ZERO is just annoying....automap itself actually slowsdown the workflow i think; i found it much quicker to operate the soft-knob on a vsti rather than trying to find the bank that automap chose to assign it to)

personally, im just a bit surprised that you like novation zero, but that u dont know what kore does, (or that its the worst product this year.)


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