December 31, 2006

Happy New Year...

by Chris Randall

Here's my year-end round-up, in the event my opinions on such things have any creedence:

BEST NEW PRODUCT: Moog Lil' Phatty. If nothing else, this product is the best of 2006 simply because it put the final nail in the "ph == f" coffin. But that said, there's nothing about it not to like. Size, form factor, UI, sound, price, style all phan-phucking-tastic. There's no particular reason I haven't bought one yet. I will at some point.

STUPIDEST NEW PRODUCT: Native Instruments Kore. This is the absolute pinnacle of the phrase "solution in desparate search of a problem." I haven't played with one, because I can't be bothered to figure out what the fuck it does or why it exists.

COOLEST PERSON IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY: My wife. She puts up with my bullshit, lets me spend ridiculous amounts of money on gear, runs a record label, makes web sites, mostly ignores the nearly constant kick drum thump eminating from my surroundings, regularly uses the name "Cunty McFuckstain" to describe people she doesn't like, and still manages to find time to bake a loaf of bread every three days. How the fuck did I get so lucky?

BIGGEST FUCKING TOOL IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY: K-Fed. My first instinct would be to call it a tie between Diamond Dave 103 and that fucktard that runs But really, both of those asscocks really pale in comparision to K-Fed. While I rarely bring him up here, he really is the biggest fucking tool in the music industry. There's no question.

So, that's my best and worst of 2006. What's yours?



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Dec.31.2006 @ 6:02 PM
Most exciting thing in 2006: Vice Magazine getting behind Neu Rave music.

Dec.31.2006 @ 7:26 PM
The latest release of Cubase seems to do all of the organising-your-plug-in-sounds itself, so I expect all the other big sequencers will do the same soon also, making Kore fairly redundant.

NI still have a pretty good strike rate though - is Kore there first real dud?


Jan.01.2007 @ 8:24 AM
Artemiy Pavlov
I rarely think of "worst" thing as they either do not deserve even writing about them or I am just afraid to find out later that I misunderstood the whole idea ;-)

So my "best" list for stuff that appeared in 2006:

Best digital hardware synth:
Roland Juno-G

Best software synth:
NI Massive

Best effect plug-in:


Jan.01.2007 @ 1:37 PM
Here's a few:

Best and busiest software dev house in the land for 2006: Audio Damage.

All sycophancy aside consider their releases for the year:

Pulse Modulator
Ratshack Reverb 2
Discord 2

Eight plugins, plus whatever UB updates theyput out, all kickass, in one year. Who else has a track record like that right now?

As for a best effect plugin of the year, not sure, especially since AD put out 8, making it really hard to narrow down out of that lot.

By other developers, I'd put near my top Fabfilter's Timeless. I have all of AD's delays, and several other character delays like OhmBoys and Retrodelay and More Feedback Machine, but still Timeless brought something distinct to the game and I've managed to find a lot of use for it. That says something to me.

Other's near the top would be Darrell Barrell's dtblkfx, dblue's glitch v1.3 (first free version and actually the first perfectly stable version on my system) and Image Line's Edison (which maybe isn't an effect plugin exactly, as it's really it's own thing and just keeps getting more and more useful).


Jan.01.2007 @ 1:45 PM
To my understanding, Kore is just a giant version of Reason's Combinator. It allows you to seamlessly chain a bunch of virtual effects and instruments to build some big azz sounds. Am I wrong?

Also, the Outsider by DJ Shadow is my favorite record of the year. (someone mentioned it above)


Jan.01.2007 @ 1:51 PM
Chris Randall
Kore just sounds like a soup sandwich to me. But then again, I'm not much for layers. I know my instruments and I know what sounds they can make, and I know how to put them together to get what I need. I can't see laying down $500 for a hardware dongle to help me with that.



Jan.01.2007 @ 2:07 PM
Thank goodness, I thought I was the only one who saw no point whatsoever in Kore.
Except maybe to shill another product in an already overcrowded market.


Jan.01.2007 @ 2:28 PM
I think Kore is great at keeping things organized, geared toward those who DJ and track their own beats over mp3's in ableton live....took me months to figure out what it does though until I watched the vids at the NI website. But how it claims to revolutionize the way music is made and all that is just BS..maybe K-fed should endorse it! Starting to beleive Diamond Dave is just a prank, still great entertainment though. Most useless product I purchased this year was the CMU-800r off of ebay. My New Years resolution is to actually use it. My wife is still pissed at that spontaneous purchase and is still giving me shit for even watching Apple II auctions. Congrats on having a great wife who puts up with that! Happy New Year to all.

Jan.01.2007 @ 2:38 PM
Chris Randall
Shit. You're the one that won that auction? Thanks for making it so expensive it wasn't worth the effort. ;-)



Jan.01.2007 @ 2:40 PM

Kore is one of the most usefull things in my studio at the moment. Around six months ago I built a standalone PC specifically to run softsynths...Kore filled a lot of roles:
1) MIDI interface - basic but exactly meets my needs
2) Audio interface - much lower noise floor and latency than my old Audiophile2496
3) VST Host - I'm running a number of non-NI plugs just fine
4) VST Mixer - my old "soft host" could only run one synth at a time
5) Knobbox - eight assignable controlls for each loaded synth if I don't want to grab the mouse
6) Transport controls - for the inbuilt sequencers and arps, synchronized start/stop & reset
7) Patch librarian - massive searchable database of sounds all in one spot, one UI
8) Stacks - multis are saved with individual tweaks w/out overwriting the original patches

Whats not to like?


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