December 31, 2006

Happy New Year...

by Chris Randall

Here's my year-end round-up, in the event my opinions on such things have any creedence:

BEST NEW PRODUCT: Moog Lil' Phatty. If nothing else, this product is the best of 2006 simply because it put the final nail in the "ph == f" coffin. But that said, there's nothing about it not to like. Size, form factor, UI, sound, price, style all phan-phucking-tastic. There's no particular reason I haven't bought one yet. I will at some point.

STUPIDEST NEW PRODUCT: Native Instruments Kore. This is the absolute pinnacle of the phrase "solution in desparate search of a problem." I haven't played with one, because I can't be bothered to figure out what the fuck it does or why it exists.

COOLEST PERSON IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY: My wife. She puts up with my bullshit, lets me spend ridiculous amounts of money on gear, runs a record label, makes web sites, mostly ignores the nearly constant kick drum thump eminating from my surroundings, regularly uses the name "Cunty McFuckstain" to describe people she doesn't like, and still manages to find time to bake a loaf of bread every three days. How the fuck did I get so lucky?

BIGGEST FUCKING TOOL IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY: K-Fed. My first instinct would be to call it a tie between Diamond Dave 103 and that fucktard that runs But really, both of those asscocks really pale in comparision to K-Fed. While I rarely bring him up here, he really is the biggest fucking tool in the music industry. There's no question.

So, that's my best and worst of 2006. What's yours?



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Dec.31.2006 @ 12:46 AM
most hyped band that doesn't deserve it:
arctic monkeys

album that disappointed the most people that are fans of dj shadow:
dj shadow's the outsider

best electronic album that's not trying to sound warm and succeeds:
thom yorke's eraser

best mono-synth bought this year:
my dsi evolver

worst website to be addicted to:
a tie between perezhilton and ohnotheydidn't


Dec.31.2006 @ 3:11 AM
Dave McAnally
Man, while I definitely don't have any nice things to say about k-Fed, ya gotta admit, he didn't provide us with as much entertainment as DD103 did!

The kid danced, married a rich chick, did the stupid shit ya do when ya marry a rich chick, got dumped etc etc

I'd say guy or dd103 has to take that one. K-fed is a kid who got fed to the machine. As much of an idiot as he really is, well, we all know people like that.

Good call about you and your wife. I remember when I met her for the first time. It was when I was wasted and she played it off like I was some guy who got tricked into doing shots from some older chick up @ the bar...oh wait...anyhow...and y'all hung out prior to the micronaut show and I think I tried to save the bar from being taken over by marshans around the time Northern Style Kung Fu kicked in. I woke up in a different part of asian woman who apparently ordered roomservice wiser. So yeah...the lesson to be learned with that one is...don't drive to shows where CR is on!


Dec.31.2006 @ 3:46 AM
finally someone who agrees with me regarding Kore!

Dec.31.2006 @ 4:35 AM
i've been directed to the kore website several times and to this day i still don't know what it does.
It collects all your plugin and softsynth settings and gives you a midi controller..?.. so why would you put this crap in your sequencer.
a host into a host... + you need it connected at all times.
sounds alienation.

Dec.31.2006 @ 8:59 AM
BEST NEW (to me) PRODUCT: The Moogerfooger line. Every unit that I've played with sounds by far superior to any other effect of the type.

STUPIDEST NEW PRODUCT: Anything that has a tube in it but operates on 9 volts.




Dec.31.2006 @ 9:46 AM
Chris Randall
Oh, snap. I forgot about MCR. They could _easily_ take "biggest tool" honors.



Dec.31.2006 @ 11:08 AM
Haha so you `r fond of that remote sl ? I m glad I got rid of the 25SL. Big , Heavy, Ugly, only 40 templates, ....

I did not believe in Kore either at first. I jumped in on the NI deal because I wanted massive for free . Now after a few days I am in absolute heaven. Kore to me is the future. Once you will see.
I created sounds with it from my au arsenal that I did not think was possible. I inserted it in Numerology.....Total adrenaline. intuitive tweaking created fantastic results.

As a controller it is a class of it s own. Build quality of the controller and feel of the is amazing.
If you reject this you miss a giant leap of making music with software. Kore is no 1 for me. I even have beta vsts running in kore in logic which crash au validation with fxpansion!

( I have every au in my sytems you can think of ...including audamages....)


Dec.31.2006 @ 2:57 PM
In what way is Kore the future of music exactly? I'd really like someone to explain, since I can't even tell what it is good for.

The best thing about K-fed is that he got punched in the head on an episode of CSI. Must have felt pretty good for the writers to get that in.


Dec.31.2006 @ 3:47 PM
I think I have some sort of a vague idea of what kore does.

1) It sorts everything according to all sorts of timbral qualities of the sounds, making it easier to find presets.

2) It automagically layers mulitple instances of plugins, so you can have say... an absynth sound layered with an FM8 sound. Then it lets you set them up like the reason combinator, so each of the dials on the kore controller can control multiple parameters.

3) It also operates like a mini vst host, somewhat similar to loading up Energy XT into cubase. So I guess it's probably good for getting around cubase's abysmal lack of MIDI learn.

4) It operates as an ASIO interface, though this seems pretty damn redundant to me.

All in all, you could probably do the same with a midi controller and a little creative routing in EXT running in your sequencer of choice. Maybe you'll miss the fancy preset browser and the cool looking controller that tells you what you're tweaking... And with the soundframe browser in Cubase 4, even the preset browser becomes kind of useless.

I think Kore is also only an attractive package if you own all the Native Instruments vst's. No one else is really supporting the platform, so stuffing something like Albino or Zebra 2 in there is obviously going to take some shoehorning.

Maybe someone who actually uses Kore could offer some rebuttals?


Dec.31.2006 @ 4:28 PM

hope that the upgrade prices, for say, the next 5 years aren't ridiculously high. unless, you plan to keep today s OS in 5 years.


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