December 29, 2006

Move complete...

by Chris Randall

Okay, that wasn't fun at all, but Shaolin Fist Of Death Studio (Mini Quasi-Mobile Iteration) is now in situ. Clickies for a much larger image, so you can go over my rack screw placement pixel by pixel. I still have to figure out how the fuck to shoehorn my controller keyboard in here, but otherwise, I'm good to go. I have everything in this room I need to work on Audio Damage stuff and play Warcraft, so all else is academic. Back out to the real Studio in March or April.

Dig that panelling.



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Dec.30.2006 @ 5:27 PM
Chris Randall
I agree with you. I've actually been thinking about buying my wife a pair for her office. They can be adjusted to have a response similar to speakers used for just listening rather than flat-line mixing/recording, and they're so pleasant to listen to for long periods that I thought it would be a good addition.



Dec.30.2006 @ 6:17 PM
penzoil washington
... and a good safety net if the Adam should eat a woofer in the studio. I try to keep spare drivers for my beloved ol' jbls.

Dec.30.2006 @ 7:14 PM
What's that little box on the desk next to the mouse with what looks like a purple key in it?

Dec.30.2006 @ 7:18 PM
Chris Randall
That's the remote for the Presonus Central Station. Because it's far too much trouble to lean over and move the volume knob where it is.



Dec.30.2006 @ 7:31 PM
that's a nice clean rack (grainy picture though)

Dec.30.2006 @ 7:41 PM
(As if this picture needed more analyzing...)

Is CR a lefty or a righty?
Smokes and drink on the right but the mouse is on the left, hmmm.?

Also, no keys anywhere? wtf?

I'm not even going to ask about those footpedals.


Dec.30.2006 @ 7:50 PM
How is that novation controller thing?

I've been thinking about getting one. Do you like it for tweaking plugins and also how are the drum pads? Oh, and are those faders too small and too low resolution to do fader volume rides?



Dec.30.2006 @ 8:37 PM
-analysis #046 of the CR mini-studio picture:

those beautiful blinds will diffuse sound...evenly, at the right angle.


Dec.30.2006 @ 9:39 PM
Chris Randall
1) I'm a lefty.

2) The controller (a CME 63-key) is leaning against the wall. It takes up too much room, so I only pull it out when I need it.

3) Footpedals -> link []">link []

4) My thoughts on the Novation Remote Zero SL -> link []">link []



Dec.30.2006 @ 9:56 PM
How is the CME working out for you? I remember a positive review when you first got it, but is it still working out for you? I would rather have the 88-key but I can't afford it and figured the 63-key would be a nice price/performance compromise. I can't try it locally though, and am slightly picky about key action.

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