December 29, 2006

Move complete...

by Chris Randall

Okay, that wasn't fun at all, but Shaolin Fist Of Death Studio (Mini Quasi-Mobile Iteration) is now in situ. Clickies for a much larger image, so you can go over my rack screw placement pixel by pixel. I still have to figure out how the fuck to shoehorn my controller keyboard in here, but otherwise, I'm good to go. I have everything in this room I need to work on Audio Damage stuff and play Warcraft, so all else is academic. Back out to the real Studio in March or April.

Dig that panelling.



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Dec.30.2006 @ 12:07 PM

did you use a cellphone camera?
or it looks like you applied a lofi photoshop filter to the large jpg.


Dec.30.2006 @ 12:09 PM
Wade I totally agree, "smoke'em if ya got them",but camels? the spokescartoon is a damn smiling penis for christ sake,not to mention the god awful turkish blend barn floor taste, my advice to CR is a nice good old fashioned pack of ass licorice tasting Pall Malls, "now with 10 percent less cow dung". Now if you would excuse me I need to go donate $5.35 to Philip Morris.
Happy New Year and all that shit

Dec.30.2006 @ 1:30 PM
Well, the position of the speakers is what iritates me more than the ashtray... it really hurts.

Dec.30.2006 @ 2:07 PM
What happened to your custom desk? No room?

Dec.30.2006 @ 2:30 PM
Chris Randall
(A) I won't be doing any music while I'm in here to speak of, so the position of the speakers, in this context, is academic. Try not to be such a fucking loser. If you think I don't know better, you're sorely mistaken.

(B) My custom desk can't be taken out of the studio. It's too big to get out the door. In the same light, it won't fit _in_ the door of our house. I built it in the studio, and that's where it's staying.



Dec.30.2006 @ 3:59 PM
can't believe no one has mentioned the shameful lack of mackie and behringer products.!

Dec.30.2006 @ 4:12 PM
Those A7 , i see many reports of those speakers being described as unpopular an not liked.
In some speaker shoot-outs and on forums...
But it still is better than 90% in the same price category and under...

What is above the apogee ?

That moogerfooger rack does look very nice... now if that "rumored" VCO moogerfooger comes out.


Dec.30.2006 @ 4:14 PM
About the A7, nothing personal CR.
I just noticed it when searching for new and portable speakers, of how many people didn't like it , when many did when they got them.

Dec.30.2006 @ 4:49 PM
Chris Randall
I love 'em. Everyone I know that has purchased them has loved them. Don't know what to tell you beyond that.

It's worth mentioning that people are much more likely to write about something if they don't like it than if they do. Thus, you tend to see more bad reviews of things in forums than good reviews. If I didn't like them, I'd make it my life's mission to go around slagging them. Since I do, I don't bring it up. You see my point?

In any case, above the Apogee is a single channel of Brent Averil 312 mic pre.



Dec.30.2006 @ 4:55 PM
I don't know what you guys are talking about. I have a pair of A7s. Totally AWESOME for sound design, mixing, listening to favorite cds. For the price I should have a pair in every room of the house!


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