December 21, 2006


by Chris Randall

What's a cheap-ass A/D - D/A converter with AES besides the M-Audio Flying Cow? Never mind my aversion to all things Digi, the Flying Cow has been discontinued. I could probably find one somewhere, but I'd rather just order something that's new and, like, supported.

I know we had this conversation before, but I have a Kaoss Pad 3 showing up tomorrow, and Korg, for some bizarre reason, seems to lack the intrinsic understanding that it's, like, 2006 or something and it's easy to throw a pair of SPDIF jacks on any random piece of gear. This thing has RCA jacks. (Really?) So I need to get a converter just for it, because my system isn't hacked together with some whack-ass DJ mixer. I'm not going to bother using an Apogee for something that is just going to do another conversion process with A/D/A of a _much_ lower spec, so I just want to throw a cheap-ass converter on there.

I _suppose_ I could live with SPDIF->RCA->SPDIF (in for a penny, in for a pound, right?) just to use the damned thing. But I'd prefer AES, so I don't have to go through the drama of converting the native AES of my system with some silly adaptor. Oh, wait... That's what I'll be doing no matter what.



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Dec.22.2006 @ 5:50 PM
I, too, pleaded ignorance, so does that grant me any slack? I wasn't meaning to suggest you replace your audio interface, but merely use the one of these boxes for it's converters, since they all operate standalone. Granted I missed mark of what you were going for by a several hundred bucks; though what you talk about in terms of gear and what I can afford seem to me miles apart.

So, yes, that's me, the dreaded wannabe. The weeknight warrior, thank you very much. Guilty. And you know, I'd wager that we makeup a pretty significant portion of your readership/user base. Do I know that you use/write about a whole 'nother realm of gear/technique than myself? Of course. But that's why I appreciate your posts, they don't address me as if it's the first time I've heard or read about any of this shit. I google search things you mention all the time. It's valuable to me to learn about high-end gear and its benefits so I can see what is important to look for while conducting my, well, hobby.

I try not to make completely clueless comments and keep the noise to a minimum (too late!). And please don't read this as being defensive. I respect the shit out of audiodamange, including the no-bullshit attitude. Just stating my case.

All the best in your search.


Dec.22.2006 @ 5:58 PM
D' MacKinnon
I was looking at picking up a KP3 for live performance but the RCA jacks just annoy the shit out of me. They'd sell so many more if they didn't cater to just the DJ crowd.

Dec.22.2006 @ 8:14 PM
Wade Alin
>>>Wahhh burger and a side of Cry Fries

wow, that brings back some memories. man up and get the 800. coming from the 2 i/o world, it's really the only solution (unless AD does decide to make a ?? to AES box) you'll forget you ever spent the money soon enough, cuz that's how we do.



Dec.23.2006 @ 4:27 PM
Its not hard to just buy an rca to 1/4" cable. I have at least 10 of varying lengths lying around that aren't even in use, not counting the ones that I do use.

Dec.23.2006 @ 5:41 PM
Uh oh! This is blog entry number 666!

Dec.23.2006 @ 7:15 PM
"Chris convinced me that we need them for "research"."

Please don't tell me this is going to lead to you guys putting asinine X/Y controllers into all your GUI's. Those are easily one of the stupidest things to arise from the whole music software "revolution".


Dec.23.2006 @ 7:53 PM
Chris Randall
Depends on your point of view. I actually really like the X/Y controller for certain things. Freq/Res on a filter or Depth/Feedback on a delay are really nice to control from one point. Much easier than knobbing back and forth.

Personally, on the list of stupid things to arise from the music software "revolution," the X/Y controller falls fairly low on my list. I could easily name about 600 dumber things.



Dec.23.2006 @ 10:40 PM
Adam Schabtach
Yup, sorry, I like X/Y controllers also--so much so that one of the things I did while working for Cycling '74 was building the 2D slider object for Max.



Dec.24.2006 @ 3:26 AM
The reason i hate the X/Y controller, is that for those of us who lack a real world analog (i.e. a novation MIDI contoler or a kaoss pad) the disparity between the GUI, and the physical hardware (knobs or faders) gets to be annoying. If I wanted to use my mouse while performing, I wouldn't have spent hundreds of dollars on a MIDI controller with all sorts of knobs and faders.
If I decide to use my mouse (or have an X/Y MIDI controller), then sure it's great being able to control a combination of parameters via one interface; but the vast majority of end users don't have an X/Y controller. What they have is an 8 fader, 8 knob controller that (so far) very few developers are willing to cater to (I realize that this is changing).

Dec.24.2006 @ 4:04 AM
Chris Randall
I don't want to disagree with your detective work there, but the _vast_ majority of end users have no controller at all.



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