December 19, 2006

Replicant Progress Update...

by Chris Randall

Okay, Elle has made the Replicant page on the AD site live, so you can have a gander at the proper screenshot and feature list and such. I whipped out some quick demos, but I will probably replace these in the near future.

Steve Hamman put up a nice little demo on his blog, as well, if you missed the mention in the comments of a previous post. It's probably a better example of what Replicant can do. (What Replican do? Something like that.) Anywho, the AU version is out for testing, although none of the AU testers has written me back, so I'm nervous that we've created a monster or something. It works for me, for what it's worth. I'm writing presets today and tomorrow, while Adam works on the manual. In short, it's getting close. I absolutely guarantee that, unless Something Bad Happens, it'll be out before the New Year. (How's that for a caveat?)



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Dec.20.2006 @ 12:04 AM
So, having listened to the demos a bit more I have to ask: Are you guys paying rights to the estate of Lee Perry? You know, for digitizing him into plugin form?

Dec.20.2006 @ 1:34 AM
Son, Lee Perry aint dead even a bit. You can pay him in cash and in person.

Dec.20.2006 @ 2:14 AM
dan s
Unempty: I don't think it's so black-and-white as you suggest...

Dec.20.2006 @ 3:20 AM
Fuck black-and-white, it's retarded.
Or maybe 'noisegeek' means how like AutoTune is paying fees to singers that can actually sing in tune?...

Anyways, Merry X-mas to ME!
(Even if it ends up a few days later.)


Dec.20.2006 @ 3:23 AM
<<< ignore.
I just realized 'noisegeek' was joking, sorry.

Dec.20.2006 @ 5:57 AM
Ehm, can I say I do not like the demo you linked in your post? It definitely does not bring me to buy Replicant... sorry (nothing personal for Steve, of course). I think you need more "musical" demos for your plugs...

Dec.20.2006 @ 9:26 AM
"nothing personal for Steve, of course"

Of course, I take no offense. What's funny is that for me, that is a fairly musical offering. You should have heard the noise I was making with it this weekend.


Dec.20.2006 @ 9:35 AM
Chris Randall
This brings an interesting point up, though. When we're only doing audio demos, it's basically impossible to create demos that everyone will like, musically. Early on (and you can hear this with our earlier products) I asked Wade Alin to make sophisticated musical demos, which I thought really showed the plugs in their best light. However, we got a lot of complaints where people couldn't tell what the fuck was going on, because Wade is a very technical and subtle programmer, and uses a _lot_ of automation on the effects.

So, I guess for someone that maybe doesn't know what a certain plug is supposed to do (like the 907A/914 for example), it's kind of hard to get a sense of what in the song is getting altered by the plug and when. So we switched to more traditional "here is your bass, here is your bass effected" kind of audio demos. These aren't very much fun to listen to, from a musical standpoint, but they do a better job of explicitly showing the plugin's abilities, I suppose.

Personally, I don't care for them. They're no fun to make at all, I'll say that much. I think something like what Steve did is far more interesting.



Dec.20.2006 @ 9:56 AM
Well, I get your points.
Anyway regarding your conclusion you're lucky if you can say you don't care about them. Since you do not offer trial versions I think demos are important.
Or you're lucky if you're able to sell just thanks to the concept behind the product...

Sounds like hardware's nostalgia, I know...


Dec.20.2006 @ 10:01 AM
Chris Randall
I didn't say I don't care _about_ them. Of course, I care, as the first audio demo is the first thing people click on when they visit the product's page. Obviously, we want to put our best foot forward. I just vastly prefer what Wade was doing for us to these short little "here's a track with a plugin on it" things.

However, the market speaks, and we listen. Or some marketing bullshit like that.



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