December 19, 2006


by Chris Randall

This is a video of the prototype Bogdon Cardboard Bass. Yes, you can make one yourself. Yes, there is a kit available. Yes, it is only $49.95. This is the most awesomest thing I've seen on the interwebs in, like, months. You can order your kit direct from Bogdon, or get an assembled one for a Benjamin from Elderly. (In-store pickup only.) I'm gonna order one later today, and I'll photo-doc the process.




Dec.19.2006 @ 12:04 PM
Sounds great! Its like Bo Diddley meets MAKE magazine!

Dec.19.2006 @ 4:39 PM
Niiice is right. I am so getting one of these.

See this one?

link []">link []

Looks like this thing will be a joy to mic and record.


Dec.19.2006 @ 10:43 PM
I hope you wouldn't mind giving some more specs on the construction when you get it Chris? For $50, this thing seems like a steal, but I really want to try building one of these things from scratch myself just for the hell of it. It seems to be constructed of mostly common household items. The DIYer in me is going crazy over this thing! Some googling has revealed:

-The strings are .105" and .095" weed-whip line.

-The pickup is a radio-shack transducer, although a later post claims that it's a "custom" transducer.

-The neck is an oak board

-The bridge is a peice of trim molding

-The nut is a finishing nail

-The saddles are phillips screws

-The whole thing stands 62" tall

I'm curious if the box is a "normal" corrugated cardboard box or if it's reinforced somehow? I also wonder how he attaches the neck to the body to acheive maximum resonance. It will be interesting to find out.

Everywhere I looked there were rave reviews of this thing. Seems that people really love it.


Dec.23.2006 @ 11:53 AM
Chris Randall
All right. I've ordered mine. When I went to order the day I posted this, there weren't any in stock, I guess. But the eBay thing went live again today, so I was able to purchase.

In any case, I'll put up a full documentary process once I get it. I imagine it could easily be recreated using handy household stuff plus a small order from Stew-Mac, but that would go against the spirit of a good (and inexpensive) idea. This is this guy's thing, and I don't want to impinge on it, so I won't be providing exact measurements or anything.





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