December 18, 2006

Rock that Wacom...

by Chris Randall

There's a very fine line between the following two phrases:

1. "Man, he's cool, in an ironically hip way"

2. "I think there's something wrong with his Max patch or something."

You're more than welcome to be the judge, as I'm not the judgemental sort. (No, not in the least.) Bleen sent me this for your sniping pleasure.

EDIT: I just realized, as I'm catching up on my blog reading that I've not been doing the last couple weeks, that MusicThing posted this several days ago. Move along, nothing to see, folks, step lively now. Mind the gap.




Dec.18.2006 @ 1:55 PM
Its kind of like "Yule Log" (link [en.wikipedia.or...](TV_program">link [en.wikipedia.or...]). Its there, but its not. Its the very essence of mediocrity.

BTW ? I wish DD103 would release some holiday vids on YouTube.


Dec.18.2006 @ 6:10 PM
I wonder if the little tassle thing on the pen makes it rock harder? Like putting a spoiler on a honda civic.

Dec.18.2006 @ 6:34 PM
Yeah...but the MusicThing post had none of that post-modernist ironic psst psst this-is-naff commentry I've come to love/hate here at AI...

Dec.18.2006 @ 6:56 PM
Chris Randall
I don't believe I've ever typed the word "naff" in my entire life. I'm American. We just say "fucked."



Dec.18.2006 @ 7:54 PM
this goes to show, just because you are sharp enough to build a contraption, doesnt mean you can make a decent sound with it!!!

also... why is it ALWAYS a guitar?

pssst... 'This is naff!'




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